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Record Rise and Collapse of Bitcoin

The Bitcoin market has seen marked volatility recently. First of all, its value experienced a meteoric rise, exceeding $69,000 around March 5. However, this rise was followed by a steep fall, reflecting a dynamic that was still unstable but oriented towards growth.

Impressive Trajectory and Sudden Crash

In just thirty days, Bitcoin recorded a remarkable increase of more than 60%. This exponential curve is partly attributed to the advent of cash-based ETFs in the United States. This meteoric rise allowed Bitcoin to set a new record, despite the doubts expressed by the European Central Bank about this virtual currency. However, shortly after reaching this peak, Bitcoin suffered a drop of more than 10%, leading to the liquidation of approximately $1 billion in leveraged trading markets. Subsequently, the value of Bitcoin readjusted around $65,000.

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The World of Bitcoin after the Summit

This sudden drop helped limit high-risk speculation. However, fundamentals indicate that the digital currency does not appear ready to reach its ceiling. Indeed, according to Glassnode’s analysis, there is a shortage of Bitcoin on private markets, which indicates increasing pressure on the available supply in the face of significant demand.

Future Dynamics and Influence Factors

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Key Events Impacting the Value of Bitcoin

A crucial event to consider is “halving,” a process built into Bitcoin’s programming that halves the production of new tokens every four years. Historically, the price has seen an increase after each halving. With the next halving imminent, daily Bitcoin creation will be reduced from 900 to 450 tokens. This period preceding the halving is already marked by an anticipated valuation due to increased demand following the deployment of ETFs.

Marginal Influence of Ordinals and Potential of Ethereum

Another potential factor that could increase pressure on the cryptocurrency is the renewed interest in Ordinals, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) registered on the Bitcoin blockchain. After a period of slow trading, the Ordinals market has recently seen a rebound, with nearly $170 million in transactions. Ethereum, often associated with Bitcoin, benefits indirectly from this trend and is on track to return to its previous peak. Additionally, it also raises expectations about its potential for integration into ETFs and an expected ruling from the SEC.
The evolution of cryptocurrencies is shaped by a multitude of factors, from intrinsic technical mechanisms to investor enthusiasm for the new possibilities offered by blockchain technology. This reflects sustained interest despite bouts of volatility. Investors, like Paul, therefore remain vigilant and monitor the warning signs of major movements in order to optimize their investment strategies.

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