Amazon Vs. Temu, Shein, TikTok Shop: Who wins the e-commerce battle in the United States? Discover the big winner!

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In the e-commerce arena in the United States, a fierce battle pits Amazon against major competitors such as Temu, Shein and TikTok Shop. Who will succeed in capturing consumers’ attention and establishing themselves in this competitive market? Find out in this article who is about to become the big winner in this online commerce battle.

Amazon still dominates the scene

In the fierce arena of e-commerce, Amazon remains the undisputed leader. According to a Wedbush Securities survey analyzing the spending habits of more than 1,000 Americans, 64% of respondents plan to spend more on Amazon this year. A notable increase compared to previous market analyses.
This growth is mainly attributed to customer satisfaction, supported by a reliable delivery strategy and an extensive product selection. Amazon is not only a targeted shopping destination, but also sees an increase in general browsing sessions, demonstrating high consumer loyalty.

Temu: the rising star

Temu, detained by PDD Holdings Inc, is quickly positioning itself as a serious competitor. The survey reveals that 23% of respondents plan to increase their spending on Temu, an increase from 17% previously recorded. Additionally, 36% of respondents have made a purchase on Temu in the last three months.
The main attraction of Temu lies in product discovery. About 45% of shoppers go there without looking for a specific item, compared to 23% for Amazon. This “window shopping” trend could generate impulse purchases and increase consumer engagement.

Shein and TikTok Shop: booming

Shein And TikTok Shop are not left out. Shein saw sales increase, with 26% of survey participants making purchases, up from 19% previously. TikTok Shop also recorded an increase, from 14% to 16%. These platforms mainly attract consumers looking for cheap and trendy products, supported by aggressive marketing campaigns.

Competition is intensifying

Competition is intensifying between these e-commerce giants, each eating away at Amazon’s market share. Media reports mention that Amazon is launching a “low-cost storefront” featuring products from Chinese sellers, aiming to win back price-sensitive customers.
For investors, Amazon’s strong customer base and satisfaction metrics are reassuring. However, the rapid growth and high satisfaction rates of Temu, Shein and TikTok Shop deserve special attention. These platforms are redefining the e-commerce landscape with innovative approaches to product discovery and social shopping, making them attractive for growth-oriented portfolios.

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Comparative table

Platform Respondents planning to spend more (%) Participants who made purchases (%) Browsing without specific purchase (%)
Amazon 64 N / A 23
Temu 23 36 45
Shein N / A 26 N / A
TikTok Shop N / A 16 N / A

List of main forces

  • Amazon: Consumer loyalty, wide product selection, reliable delivery
  • Temu: Product discovery, impulse purchases, high engagement
  • Shein: Cheap fashion, trends, aggressive marketing
  • TikTok Shop: Social discovery, trendy products, young consumers


Q: Is Amazon still the market leader?
A: Yes, Amazon continues to lead the market with a strong customer base and high satisfaction.

Q: How does Temu attract customers?
A: Temu attracts its customers through spontaneous product discovery and impulse purchases.

Q: What are the growth rates of Shein and TikTok Shop?
A: Shein saw a 26% increase in purchases, while TikTok Shop jumped to 16%.

Q: What are Amazon’s strategies to counter its competitors?
A: Amazon is launching initiatives like low-cost stores to win back price-sensitive users.

Q: What benefits do investors find at Amazon?
A: Investors like Amazon’s stability and consumer loyalty.

Q: Why are these emerging platforms interesting for growth-oriented portfolios?
A: Their innovative approaches and high satisfaction rates offer real growth opportunities.

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