Attention ! Dive into the dark side of linguistic computation: Discover the explosive risks of AI based on large language models

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Examining the risks of large language models

Language models developed for artificial intelligence can have vulnerabilities when used maliciously. These models are increasingly used in potentially dangerous contexts.

Vulnerability to malicious exploitation

Large language models (LLMs), like other technologies, can be exploited maliciously. Technological advances have enabled the development of sophisticated attacks, such as phishing. Julian Hazell demonstrated that fraudulent content created by tools like ChatGPT can be convincing and dangerous.

MIT experts also pointed out that these models could contribute to the creation of harmful biological agents. LLMs can accidentally embed confidential data into their knowledge bases, which can then be exposed if specific requests are made to virtual assistants.

Increasing risks of misuse

Since the launch of ChatGPT, large language models have been increasingly misused. Examples such as FraudGPT and WormGPT, models specialized in fraud, illustrate this worrying trend. The companies behind these models, including OpenAI, have yet to put measures in place to prevent their use for nefarious purposes. Even systems that are supposed to be secure can be bypassed easily and inexpensively.

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Solutions to counter the phenomenon

  • Ericom offers solutions to isolate sensitive data and protect it from potentially dangerous AI.
  • Menlo Security focuses on securing browsers to prevent malware exposure and data loss.

Despite efforts by some industry leaders like Google to mitigate these vulnerabilities, finding and maintaining a balance between innovation and security is difficult due to the lack of consensus within OpenAI and rapid evolution GPT models.

In conclusion, although artificial intelligence holds a promising technological horizon, recent developments confront us with a complex and potentially dangerous reality. It is necessary to remain vigilant and intervene safely.

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