Boost your career with the powerful LinkedIn Carousel! Find out why you can’t do without it!

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LinkedIn: an essential professional social media

Nowadays, more and more companies use LinkedIn to communicate, prospect and retain their target. This professional social network offers many features adapted to companies, whether for branding, networking, disseminating job offers or even communicating about the company.

The LinkedIn carousel: a new way to communicate

LinkedIn offers different tools for communication, including the carousel. This is a type of publication composed of several visuals (10 maximum), photos or videos, accompanied by explanatory text. The carousel allows companies to convey an advertising message in an interactive and innovative way.

How to create a LinkedIn carousel?

Creating a carousel on LinkedIn is simple. Simply create a PDF or visual on Canva that contains several images. For example, you can introduce a new product or service, share customer reviews or photos from a recent event. Once the PDF is created, all that remains is to write your publication and publish it.

The benefits of the LinkedIn carousel

The carousel is an essential tool on LinkedIn to promote your brand, communicate about your products, expand your network and reach your ideal client. It’s a simple, impactful format that catches the eye and conveys a message effectively.

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The carousel also increases the visibility of your company on LinkedIn, but also on your website or blog. It allows you to reach your target population and generate more customers.

Optimize the LinkedIn carousel

To optimize the impact of your carousel, the choice of visuals is essential. The colors, title and graphic elements must be attractive and consistent. It’s also important to know when you generate the most traffic so you can publish your carousel at the right time.

Carousel content should add value and can be used to tell a story and emotionally touch your prospects and customers. At the end of the carousel, you can offer a call-to-action to extend engagement with your audience.


Creating content via the carousel on LinkedIn is a simple, but truly innovative feature that generates visibility for businesses. Whether for branding or to talk about company news, all publications via this tool are beneficial to achieving the company’s strategic objectives.

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