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The InterCoaching skills assessment: a process to better understand your skills

If you are looking for a fresh start in your professional life, the InterCoaching skills assessment can help you. This structured approach will allow you to take stock of your skills, identify your strengths and determine a professional or personal project that suits you. In this article, we will present this device and its advantages to you in more detail.

What is the InterCoaching skills assessment?

The InterCoaching skills assessment is support intended for all people wishing to analyze and promote their skills, experience and talents to better guide their professional or personal career. Whether you are an employee, a job seeker, self-employed or in career change, this assessment can be carried out at any time of your working life.

The objectives of the InterCoaching skills assessment

  • Identify your skills: The assessment allows you to become aware of your professional skills and to highlight your know-how and interpersonal skills.
  • Evaluate your motivations: It’s about understanding what drives us in our work, our desires and what gives us satisfaction.
  • Clarify your professional project: The skills assessment aims to define a realistic professional objective that is consistent with your skills, motivations and personal constraints.
  • Implement an action plan: Once the objective has been determined, it is important to establish a concrete action plan to achieve the set goals.

How does an InterCoaching skills assessment take place?

The InterCoaching skills assessment takes place in several stages, generally spread over 12 to 24 hours of individual support. Here are the main phases of the process:

Preliminary phase

In this first step, the participant’s expectations are defined and the approach proposed by InterCoaching is presented. The professional development advisor also assesses the specific needs of the person supported and adapts the system accordingly.

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Investigation phase

During this phase, the participant explores their skills, values, motivations and professional aspirations. Tests and questionnaires are offered to facilitate this introspection and highlight the key elements of your profile.

Synthesis phase

Based on the information collected during the investigation phase, the professional development advisor helps the participant to define a coherent and realistic professional project. Together, they develop an action plan to achieve this goal.

Post-assessment follow-up

After completing the assessment, InterCoaching offers follow-up to support the participant in implementing their action plan and help them overcome any difficulties encountered.

The advantages of the InterCoaching skills assessment

The InterCoaching skills assessment presents several advantages for people wishing to take stock of their professional situation:

  • A personalized approach: Each assessment is adapted to the specific needs of the person supported, thus guaranteeing relevant and adapted results.
  • A caring environment: The professional development advisor demonstrates listening, respect and confidentiality to allow the participant to express themselves freely and without judgment.
  • A structured approach: The process proposed by InterCoaching follows a proven methodology that facilitates awareness and enhancement of skills.
  • Suitable tools: The tests and questionnaires used during the assessment are selected according to the participant’s objectives and needs.

In conclusion, the InterCoaching skills assessment is an effective system for better understanding your skills and defining a coherent professional project. If this approach interests you, do not hesitate to contact InterCoaching to find out more about the implementation methods and possible financing conditions.

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