ChatGPT and other AI skills: the labor market revolution is underway!

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The Growing Importance of Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT

A study by ResumeBuilder reveals that more and more companies are looking for employees who are proficient in artificial intelligence, including the popular ChatGPT text generator. In fact, 91% of the managers surveyed are looking for skills in ChatGPT and AI. This trend is explained by the fact that the World Economic Forum has predicted the disappearance of 14 million jobs by 2027 due to the increasing use of AI. IBM also highlighted that 7,800 jobs could be replaced by this technology.

A unique opportunity for AI and ChatGPT experts

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AI and ChatGPT skills are still rare in the job market. Therefore, candidates with these skills have a great chance of standing out from the competition. Stacie Haller, Chief Career Advisor at ResumeBuilder, says companies are willing to pay to hire employees with these skills to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

High salaries for positions requiring ChatGPT experience

Many job postings offer six-figure salaries for positions requiring ChatGPT experience. This even includes remote positions, like those offered by Crossover for a Senior Director of Product Management and Product Manager position. These offers explicitly highlight the need to have experience in ChatGPT.

AI skills that extend to different professions

ChatGPT skills are sought after in various fields such as software development, data exploitation, product manager positions and even advertising copywriter positions. Having experience with a chatbot therefore gives a huge advantage to candidates applying for different types of jobs.

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The urgency for business leaders to adapt to the AI ​​revolution

The growing demand for AI and ChatGPT skills is creating a sense of urgency among business leaders. In fact, 30% of them believe that it is urgent to recruit in this area, while 11% consider it very urgent. Without these skills, businesses risk falling behind competitors who have already adopted artificial intelligence into their processes.

Learning ChatGPT as added value for employees

To stand out in the job market, it can be a good idea for employees to improve their skills using artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT. This can not only increase their employability, but also allow them to access better paid positions.

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Online training available

Many online platforms offer artificial intelligence training, including ChatGPT. These training courses are flexible and accessible, allowing learners to follow the courses at their own pace and gradually develop their skills.

With the rapidly changing job market and the growing importance of artificial intelligence, it is essential for employees and job seekers to acquire AI skills, such as ChatGPT. Companies are looking for these rare skills and are ready to reward them with attractive salaries. It is therefore time to seize this opportunity to stand out on the job market and ensure a long-lasting career in a constantly evolving context.

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