Discover how to create a revolutionary bot with Zennoposter AI and Python to dominate Youtube, Medium, Reddit and Linkedin!

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SEO parasitism on YouTube, Medium, Reddit and LinkedIn

The world of SEO is currently facing a free-rider problem, where big sites like YouTube, Medium, Reddit and LinkedIn tend to dominate search results. Smaller sites struggle to compete, even if they offer more relevant content. This raises the question of visibility and how to achieve it in this context.

The solution could be to publish content on these large sites, in order to benefit from their authority and their audience. By automating this process, it is possible to quickly achieve a massive effect and attract a lot of traffic to your own site.

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An automation project with cutting-edge technologies

I took on an ambitious project to create a Zennoposter bot that automates the creation of voiceover videos, posts them to YouTube with an affiliate link, and then shares them on other platforms like Medium, Reddit, and LinkedIn.

To achieve this, I used the latest technologies in artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT Vision for sales page analysis, Elevenlabs for voice and the Stable Diffusion API to illustrate the videos with images.

The result is a complex automated system, implemented using a few Python scripts.

A gas plant for automation

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The heart of my project relies on using Selenium to record the scrolling of web pages, as well as applying Moviepy to synchronize voice with video. This combination creates visually attractive content, ready for users to consume.

A multichannel strategy

The real challenge with automation was applying it to a multi-channel strategy. The bot was programmed to automatically publish to YouTube, generating thumbnails using Stable Diffusion, and to share the content on Medium, Reddit and LinkedIn using the corresponding APIs.

A video demonstration

To see my automation bot in action, I invite you to watch my video on YouTube. It will give you a complete idea of ​​how this project works.

Automation and content marketing

This project was not only an experiment in programming, but also a reflection on the evolution of content marketing in the age of automation. The efficiency achieved through this bot opens up many possibilities for content creators and digital marketers around the world.

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Please feel free to share your automation experience or ask questions about this project. If you want to improve your content strategy, I am available to advise or collaborate with you.

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