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Instagram’s new feature: Featured Story

If you’re an avid social media user, you’re probably familiar with Instagram Stories. These short photo or video sequences that you can pin to your profile for a limited duration of 24 hours. However, Instagram recently introduced a new feature called Featured Story, which allows for constant visibility. This new feature has many advantages, particularly for businesses.

What is the Instagram Featured Story?

Stories in general

Stories are ephemeral publications that you can share on social networks. They tell the story of users’ daily lives in the form of photos or small videos and are only visible on your profile for 24 hours. They are designed to allow you to share the significant moments of your life live with your friends. You can personalize your stories with text, emojis, stickers, drawings, music or effects.

The particularity of the Instagram Featured Story

Until now, Instagram stories weren’t of much interest because they disappeared after 24 hours. This is why Instagram created the Featured Story, which offers the possibility of displaying a story permanently on your screen.

How to create an Instagram Featured Story?

Creating a Featured Story on Instagram is quite simple. First, go to your Instagram profile to post your story.

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In your profile menu, click on the “+” icon and choose from your archived stories the ones you want to highlight. Click “NEXT” at the top right of the screen, then add a title or image to your story. Finally, click “ADD” or “COMPLETE” at the top right of the screen and that’s it! Your post will remain visible on your profile for a longer period of time.

If you want, you can easily edit or delete your Featured Story. Just tap and hold on the story and choose between “DELETE” or “EDIT”. This feature gives you great freedom in choosing your publications.

What are the advantages of the Instagram Featured Story?

The Featured Story offers many advantages, particularly for businesses.

First of all, it allows you to briefly present your business in video, explaining what you do and what you offer in terms of services or products. It is a new marketing method which promises great future prospects.

In addition, businesses can use the Featured Story to answer questions frequently asked by their customers or future customers. Simply pin a series of answers to recurring questions to your Instagram profile, making them easy to find.

Businesses can also post tips and tricks, which are highly sought after by social media users. Thanks to the Featured Story, this information is now easily accessible.

Another interesting advantage for a company is to be able to broadcast video tutorials to its community explaining how its products work. These tutorials are useful for optimal use of a product or to get an idea before purchasing it. You can even add photos featuring satisfied customers with the product in question to show their satisfaction.

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Finally, the Featured Story allows a company to communicate with its subscribers using photos and stickers to highlight its successes and strengthen its brand image. It is an essential strategy for a profitable online business.

In conclusion

Social networks have become essential for companies wishing to develop their marketing strategy. The Instagram Featured Story is a welcome feature that complements this development.

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