Discover Mistral AI, the jewel of generative artificial intelligence made in France!

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Mistral AI: The advent of French creative AI

A new force emerges in the field of AI

In the field of generative artificial intelligence, large American companies, in particular OpenAI with ChatGPT, are often in the lead. However, the French scene does not lack skills, and among innovative players, Mistral AI particularly stands out.

A remarkable start for Mistral AI

Launched in mid-2023, Mistral AI quickly attracted media attention, despite the lack of a first successful language model at the time. The reputation of its creators has a lot to do with it. Arthur Mensch, Guillaume Lample and Timothée Lacroix, all graduates of prestigious schools such as Polytechnique and ENS, and with experience at giants such as Facebook or Google DeepMind, were able to convince investors of the viability of their project.

Considerable funds for a meteoric rise

Mistral AI has managed to raise impressive sums to finance its development. A first round of financing made it possible to raise 105 million euros in the summer of 2023. And at the beginning of December, a very successful Series A made it possible to raise an additional 385 million euros. These investments have propelled Mistral AI’s valuation to approximately $2 billion.

A recognition reserved for insiders

It is important to note that information on the progress and successes of Mistral AI is only accessible to subscribers of the magazine “L’Usine Nouvelle”. This approach favors specialized and in-depth journalism.

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Mistral AI highlights

  • French leadership in the field of generative AI
  • Founded by recognized industry experts
  • Supported by massive and rapid financing
  • Valuation reaching billions in a short time

Mistral AI embodies the avant-garde of generative artificial intelligence in France. With growing recognition and substantial resources, this company is destined to make a brilliant contribution internationally in the field of AI.

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