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Julien d’Oseille TV: a young e-entrepreneur specializing in Amazon FBA and expatriation for entrepreneurs

Julien, creator of the YouTube channel and the Oseille TV website, is a young e-entrepreneur who specializes in two specific sectors: Amazon FBA and expatriation for entrepreneurs. Having left his country of origin to settle in Panama, he decided to share his know-how with anyone who wishes it via his digital channels.

To do this, it offers two complete online training courses covering its two areas of expertise. Whether you want to start your own Amazon business or improve your tax management, this article will provide you with the answers to your questions.

Who is Julien d’Oseille TV?

Julien grew up in a family where his father was an antique dealer. He had his own stall where he sold trinkets and loved going to flea markets to sell small items. He did not plan to become an employee because he already had the ambition to create his own business and not depend on orders from others.

He obtained a STG baccalaureate then began a degree in applied foreign languages ​​(LEA). At the same time, he became interested in electronic music and enjoyed some success. Encouraged by his grandfather and uncle, he launched into a new, more interesting sector.

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He then followed training in BTS MUC (Commercial Unit Management) while working in a clothing store. His boss taught him the basics and secrets of business from the start. After his studies, Julien had to develop a project and chose to spend his vacation in a house belonging to his family in Marrakech.

After a while, he decided to rent this house because it cost him a lot of money. This is how he discovered marketplaces, platforms that promote a product or good. A year later, his ad became one of the 100 and then the 50 best rentals in Marrakech. He then decided to help the owners by managing their guest houses in exchange for a portion of their profits.

With sufficient capital, Julien decided to separate from his first business and launch into a new activity. He created a shoe brand and gradually discovered Alibaba and Amazon FBA. Having noticed that the majority of the content was in English, he decided to train and discovered a very useful tool: Jungle Scout. He launched his first product which is still relevant today.

Today, he offers numerous products on the marketplace and created the YouTube channel Oseille TV, which is very successful and brings value to its subscribers. It also offers two training courses to help those who follow it improve their financial situation and achieve financial autonomy.

Super Seller Academy Training

The Super Seller Academy training is aimed at everyone who wants to become very good sellers on Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon). It aims to teach techniques to sell products well to generate a great profit, as many buyers turn to Amazon, considered one of the most effective platforms. This training consists of 9 modules:

  • The fundamentals ;
  • The choice of a profitable product;
  • The search for suppliers;
  • Logistic ;
  • Creating and managing a brand;
  • SEO to increase sales;
  • Product launch techniques;
  • Promotions and advertising;
  • Customer service.

The first module provides all the necessary information before starting an Amazon FBA business, such as starting a company, choosing a bank, creating an Amazon account and protecting the Amazon account.

The second module teaches the best strategies for finding profitable niches, assessing demand, and carefully selecting in-demand products.

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The third module provides the information necessary to create a sourcing, including the number of products to order and the means of payment.

The fourth module explains how to send goods to Amazon’s warehouses, as well as important information about barcodes and VAT.

The fifth module focuses on the creation of a brand, the establishment of a graphic charter and the use of a trademark.

The sixth module concerns improving the SEO of ads on the marketplace and optimizing texts and photos to increase sales.

The seventh module explains how to build links to improve product rankings and boost BSR (Best Seller Rank). He gives tips for successfully launching the project.

The eighth module explains PPC (Pay-Per-Click), types of promotions, flash sales, external traffic and techniques for capturing customer emails.

The final module covers techniques for saving time, removing negative reviews, communicating with customers, and using Amazon seller support.

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Julien also offers two bonus modules on sales in the USA and LAUNCH ROCKET.

This training is one of the most detailed in French and includes many concrete examples. It is accompanied by a private mastermind to facilitate exchanges and progression with other members.

Offshore Mastery training

The Offshore Mastery training is aimed at web entrepreneurs such as dropshippers, infopreneurs, Amazon FBA sellers and freelancers. Its objective is to help learners find legal solutions to pay less taxes and increase their profitability. The training consists of 5 parts:

  • Module 1: International taxation;
  • Module 2: Tax expatriation;
  • Module 3: Creating an offshore company;
  • Module 4: Obtaining a passport;
  • Module 5: Banking.

The first module explains the process to follow to obtain assistance from a lawyer in order to circumvent the CRS (Common Reporting Standard) and provides information on international tax issues.

The second module provides the information necessary to obtain a tax residence certificate and a TIN (Tax Identification Number). Julien also helps you choose your new country of residence to expatriate your business there.

The third module explains the usefulness of an offshore company, the CFC (Controlled Foreign Corporation) rules and how to choose the right jurisdiction to domicile the company.

The fourth module explains the importance of a second passport and how to obtain one. It also provides a list of countries that are friendly to obtaining a passport through residency.

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The last module explains how to choose a good bank, how to obtain a good return by lending your shares, how to make your money grow thanks to secure and remunerated investments, how to convert your currencies at the best rate and how to open an account in Georgia.

Julien wants to help learners grow their money through safe investments. It also offers tips for removing negative reviews and communicating with customers and Amazon seller support.

To remember

Julien’s training courses have received many positive opinions from Oseille TV learners. They found solutions to their listing problems, customer reviews and learned how to find successful products. Soreille TV’s training and advice are considered relevant and easy to assimilate.

If you are looking for accessible and immediately applicable training on Amazon or business creation abroad, Oseille TV will meet your expectations. Julien is a credible trainer whose tips and advice will allow you to get your business off the ground safely. Do not hesitate to consult his website to benefit from his expertise.

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