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Shopify Launches Biggest Product Management Update in a Decade

Shopify recently announced its biggest product management update in a decade. This update aims to improve the presentation and discovery of even the most complex products. Among the new features, we find a new application dedicated to merchandising products available in several colors and styles, a new product taxonomy, and much more.

Combined Product Merchandising and Listings

With the Combined Listings application, exclusive to Shopify Plus, it is now possible to market products offered in several colors or styles from a single parent listing. Each variant has its own description, media gallery and URL, making it easier to present and discover the products.

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Rich Attributes by Product Category

Shopify’s revised taxonomy now associates each product category with a rich set of related attributes. This new feature facilitates the creation, classification and organization of products, as well as the automatic generation of variants.

API Supporting Up to 2000 Variants per Product

New product APIs have been revealed, allowing management of up to 2000 variants per product. This improvement aims to better support more complex catalogs. The new APIs are currently available in developer preview and will roll out to select businesses in 2024.

Management and Mass Edition of Variants

The Variant Card has been updated to allow mass management and editing of pricing and availability information for one or more inventory locations.

Color Charts

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It is now possible to add color or pattern charts directly to product sheets. This feature simplifies research and purchasing for customers.

Unified Access to Media Files

Images, videos and 3D models are now accessible via a single file chooser, available on the Products and Variants pages. It is therefore no longer necessary to download existing media again.

AI-Powered Semantic Search

A new AI-powered in-store search feature has been added. This semantic search better understands the intent behind a customer’s search, providing richer, more relevant results. This feature is exclusive to Shopify Plus.

Applications for Subscriptions and Bundles

The Shopify Subscriptions app, now in full release, allows businesses to offer subscriptions to their customers. Additionally, the maximum number of products that can be offered in a bundle has been increased from 10 to 30. These features aim to increase customer lifetime value and predictable revenue.

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Shopify Checkout Improvements

Shopify checkout has been improved with new APIs and a single page design that speeds up purchase completion times. Additionally, Checkout Extensibility allows for advanced customization. Infrastructure improvements have also reduced loading times by up to 95%.

Shop Pay: Boost Conversion

With Shop Pay Installments, customers can see estimated loan amounts directly on the product page. Additionally, Shop Pay can now be integrated into any business checkout, increasing conversion for brands like Everlane.

Security and Flexibility of Payments

New features include saving payment methods to speed up future checkouts, Card Account Updater to prevent lost sales due to outdated card details, and more payment options for subscriptions and pre-orders.


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With these many innovations, Shopify Editions Winter ’24 sets new standards in conversion, product merchandising and user experience. These improvements strengthen Shopify’s position as a leader in e-commerce.

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