Discover the 10 essential training courses to boost your SEO skills now!

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Boost your natural referencing skills with these 10 essential training courses

Natural referencing, also called SEO (Search Engine Optimization), brings together different techniques aimed at improving the visibility of a website in search engine results. To become an SEO expert and master all the necessary techniques and tools, there are many training courses available. Here is a selection of 10 essential training courses to boost your SEO skills.

Practical SEO training – Google natural referencing with Quesacoach

This practical training, provided by a natural referencing expert, will allow you to carry out an SEO audit of a website, to optimize its content and its marketing, and to identify the relevant keywords to use. You will benefit from personalized monitoring and unlimited access to courses.

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Online SEO training – Become a natural SEO professional with WebMyDay

This online training will allow you to learn the basics of natural referencing as well as advanced techniques. You will obtain the certification recognized on the market which attests to your SEO skills.

Certification training – Improve the visibility of a website thanks to natural referencing with La WAB

This certified training will allow you to improve your natural referencing skills. On the program: SEO audit, keyword research, tree optimization, writing optimized content, external link strategy, performance monitoring.

SEO training with Mantra (ex-GrowthMakers)

This training, intended for marketing managers and business creators, will teach you how to implement the necessary actions to obtain a real impact on your web traffic and your SEO. You will benefit from proven methods and concrete deliverables.

Introductory training in natural SEO with TARGET FORMATION

This introductory SEO training will allow you to understand how search engines work and learn best practices to position your site well in the results. You will also benefit from a module on communication and links to avoid.

SEO Training – Become autonomous in SEO with SEO Training

This training will allow you to become independent in the implementation and monitoring of your SEO strategy. You will learn the basics of natural referencing, carry out a complete SEO audit and know how to deploy a backlinking strategy.

SEO training – Natural referencing on Google with LiveMentor

This training will allow you to master all SEO techniques to reach the top positions on Google. You will benefit from individual support from an expert mentor and your journey will be personalized according to your professional objectives.

Personalized SEO training – Private lessons with a dedicated teacher – All levels with Clic Compétences

This session of personalized private lessons will allow you to master the basics and advanced techniques of natural referencing. You will benefit from a dedicated trainer and unlimited access to an e-learning platform.

Web writing training – Create SEO friendly content with

This training will teach you how to write content optimized for search engines while meeting the expectations of your audience. You will master good writing practices and SEO optimization techniques.

Training to boost the SEO and social networks of your e-commerce with Formasuite

This training will allow you to acquire the necessary knowledge to improve the positioning of your e-commerce site on search engines and social networks. You will learn the appropriate techniques and tools and will be able to measure the effectiveness of your actions.

Let’s conclude

These 10 essential training courses will allow you to acquire all the skills necessary to become an expert in natural referencing. Whether you are a beginner or already initiated, there is something for all levels. So don’t hesitate any longer and boost your SEO skills now!

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