Discover the essential secrets to creating a LinkedIn banner that will instantly stand out

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LinkedIn: the professional social network

LinkedIn is a popular social network in the professional world. It promotes collaboration between users and businesses through three essential levers: sharing of relevant content, inter-professional connections and interactions within groups and communities. To stand out on this platform, it is recommended to create an original and authentic LinkedIn banner.

Create a professional LinkedIn banner

The LinkedIn banner is a cover photo visible on your profile. It is an attractive visual element that should not be neglected, as it plays a marketing role in attracting new collaborators or professional partners. Here are some tips for optimizing the creation of your LinkedIn banner.

Adapt the size of the cover photo

For a LinkedIn banner adapted to the format of the page, it is recommended to choose the following dimensions: 1584×396 pixels. If you do not respect this size, your image may be pixelated and detract from the appearance of your profile, which could discourage visitors.

Use nifty tools like Canva

Canva offers users a variety of free templates to create a custom professional banner. Test different designs with colors and text, and visualize the final result before uploading it to your LinkedIn profile. Canva also offers paid templates, which are more aesthetic and sophisticated, for businesses that want to create a contemporary visual identity.

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Add a relevant logo

In addition to classic cover images, you can put your company logo on your banner to add credibility to your LinkedIn profile. However, make sure that the size of the logo is adapted to that of the banner, so that it is visible without taking up too much space and does not spoil the desired visual effect.

Incorporate a slogan

A tagline helps visitors to your LinkedIn profile understand who you are and the services you offer. This is an asset for companies looking to stand out from the competition, provided you display a short, clear slogan that matches your professional experience.

Standardize the color scheme

When designing your LinkedIn banner, choose simple colors that harmonize with your profile photo and cover image. Avoid too bright colors or excessive blending, as this could have a negative effect on your page visitors. Remember, too many colors kill the color!

Call a professional

If you’re not comfortable with Canva or don’t want to spend the time creating your LinkedIn banner, you can hire a design and graphics professional. This specialist will be able to design original and impactful visuals for your profile. However, this option comes at a cost, generally between 35 euros and 75 euros per hour, depending on the experience and location of the professional.

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