Discover the five most popular teleworking IT jobs in the United States in 2023!

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The most sought-after IT professions in 2023

The information technology sector continues to progress rapidly, offering numerous career opportunities, especially in the current context of teleworking. With a growing demand for technical skills, certain professions will clearly stand out in 2023. Here we present an overview of the five most sought-after IT professions in the United States, but this trend is also observable in France.

1. Software developers

Software developers are in high demand, with 10,561 job openings posted in September alone. On average, they can earn an annual salary of $117,298.

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These professionals are responsible for the design, development, installation, testing and maintenance of software systems. Their expertise covers programming as well as the design of applications, websites and mobile applications.

2. IT Project Managers or Data Analysts

Positions for IT project managers or data analysts are also in high demand, with 5,983 job offers in September. The average salary for these professions is $99,330 per year.

Project Managers oversee the planning, execution and delegation of responsibilities related to all IT projects, collaborating closely with different areas of IT. Data analysts, on the other hand, leverage technology to extract relevant insights from large data sets.

3. Data Scientists

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Data scientists are at the heart of digital transformation, with 2,928 vacancies in September and an average salary of $124,515.

Experts in analysis, they use statistics, mathematics and computer programming to process and interpret large amounts of data, providing valuable insights.

4. Systems Analysts

Systems analysts, with 2,600 openings as of September, play a key role in solving business problems through the analysis of a company’s IT systems. They enjoy an average salary of $83,387.

Their mission is to conduct in-depth investigations of problems and issues, create and maintain systems documentation, and audit and test programs and databases.

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5. IT Support Specialists

IT support specialists are essential for customer-focused businesses, with 2,529 positions available in September. They can claim an average salary of $54,777.

Equipped with technical and relational skills, they interact directly with customers to meet their IT needs, thus contributing to a satisfactory customer experience.

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