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Increase your visibility on Instagram thanks to a draw

Whether you are a business, a brand or an influencer, organizing a sweepstakes on Instagram can help you gain visibility on this social network. How to go about it ? This is what we will explain to you in this article. We will give you the best tools to choose an application suitable for your draw.

Hold a draw for a competition

Organizing a draw for a competition on Instagram helps strengthen the engagement of your audience. This type of publication encourages participants to interact by liking, commenting and sharing. This way you can attract new followers and increase interaction on your Instagram account.

The different applications for organizing a draw on Instagram

To organize a sweepstakes on Instagram, there are different applications that can help you make your contest fair for participants. Here are the top three apps we recommend:


This tool is very well known for organizing sweepstakes. You can create your competition directly on the app, collect participant data and then interact with the winners. The tool also allows you to set up filters to automatically eliminate participants who do not meet the conditions of access to the draw. There is a free version which allows you to organize a competition limited to 100 participants, ideal for small communities.

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Random Picker

A simple and free tool that allows you to choose one or more winners from the comments of an Instagram publication. All you need to do is enter the post URL and the app does the rest. This tool takes into account duplicates to guarantee the fairness of the competition. However, draws are not saved.


This tool is limited in its free version, but it can be interesting if you regularly organize contests on Instagram. Its advantage is that it allows you to group together the entries in a competition published on Instagram, Facebook and even YouTube!

Steps to succeed in a sweepstakes on Instagram

Here are some steps to follow to organize a successful Instagram sweepstakes:

  1. Choose a relevant theme and dates that match your contest (Christmas, Halloween, birthday, season, etc.).
  2. Define the rules for participating in your Instagram contest (how to have a chance to win, follow the account, tag, comment, share, etc.).
  3. Select one or more gifts to give to the winners.
  4. Specify whether there will be one winner or multiple winners.
  5. Promote your contest (use a paid promotion tool or communicate directly with your Instagram community).
  6. Choose the application that will help you carry out the draw.

Mistakes to avoid

To make your Instagram contest popular, here are some mistakes to avoid:

  1. If the registration form is too long, opt for comments or likes on Instagram instead.
  2. Define complex rules for participating, if it’s too complicated, participants may not understand how to become a winner.
  3. Don’t put too many rules, this could discourage your subscribers from participating in your contest.
  4. Offer a competition that is not in line with your content. For example, if you sell shoes, giving coffee as a gift would not be suitable.

Now that you have all the keys in hand, all you have to do is organize your Instagram competition by following our advice. Good luck !

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