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David Lefrançois, an expert in personal development

David Lefrançois is a key figure in the field of personal development, just like David Laroche, Franck Nicolas or Max Piccinini. With 15 years of experience and more than 1,500 trained coaches and trainers, he has spread his knowledge of neuroscience throughout the French-speaking world.

David Lefrançois is an accomplished and multidisciplinary person who reveals to you the secrets of neuronal functioning to achieve your goals and make lasting personal changes. His techniques have demonstrated great effectiveness in France and in Canada among Olympic athletes, but also among people like you, in search of achievement.

Thus, it offers online training accessible to all in various fields all based on the principle of neuroscience, in particular via its famous NeuroBusiness School. Find out in more detail who David Lefrançois is and his different online offers to lastingly transform your life.

Who is David Lefrançois?

David Lefrançois is a psychologist by training, he has continued to persevere in his research to specialize in neuroscience by obtaining a Doctorate. Passionate about the human brain, he considers psychology as the way to function better and achieve happiness in all areas of life. Today, he is director of the Paris Neuroscience Institute. Altruistic and driven by the spirit of sharing, he wants to offer as many people as possible the keys to success and fulfillment in life by helping people to become aware of dysfunctions and then to act towards the path of awakening and change. . David Lefrançois thus became a life coach.

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From psychology to coaching

David Lefrançois is a personal development coach, hypnotherapist, writer, neuroscience expert, speaker, but he is also and above all a professional coach trainer. Disseminating his work and the fruit of his research on the internet, particularly on free platforms accessible to all such as Facebook and YouTube, David Lefrançois began to spread his neuropsychological methods and tools to as many people as possible to plant the seed of awakening. and awareness in everyone. He did not stop there, since he hosted and participated in several TV shows, notably on national channels such as France 2 with the famous host Sophie Davant in the show Tout une histoire to support people on the path to personal achievement.

Its field of action

David Lefrançois works in the psychological and neurological sphere to give you the necessary keys in all areas of your life: confidence, will, relationship, work, etc. His philosophy is simple, man’s DNA is programmed so that he is happy. It helps each person who feels the need to reprogram beliefs, emotions, energies and above all the unconscious. Thanks to the intervention of neuroscience, David Lefrançois accompanies you on the path to personal awakening and lasting happiness.

Its offers and training


The Plus2confiance program consists of working on and strengthening your self-confidence. An essential pillar of personal development and individual progression, self-confidence is the driving force you need to be able to realize your desires and achieve your aspirations. Thanks to the Plus2confiance program, eliminate destructive mechanisms and without further delay adopt patterns that are beneficial for you and your environment.

The detailed content of the program:

  • Discover the 8 elements constituting self-confidence
  • Understand the 9 keys to self-esteem
  • Taking care of your self-esteem: development, maintenance, repair
  • Place authenticity at the heart of relationships
  • Link between emotional intelligence and self-confidence
  • Adopt a positive image of yourself
  • Remedying the wrong patterns of the past
  • Learn to manage anxiety and anxiety

This 3-month online training program guides you weekly through theoretical videos, audio lessons, challenges to complete, a hypnosis session as well as exclusive access to a complete seminar on the theme of confidence in itself. Thanks to simple, accessible and illustrated content, boost your confidence and self-esteem in order to transform your life positively and sustainably.

Overcoming Anxiety & Anxiety

Some people are more sensitive to states of stress, anxiety or anxiety. Oppression, agitation, stress, paralysis or fear constitute real obstacles to self-realization. Generating fears and doubts, anguish and anxiety must be understood and then eliminated. This program therefore makes it possible to remove these obstacles in 12 weeks.

The detailed content of the program:

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  • Week 1: Understand the cause and identify the objectives
  • Week 2: Personal assessment: strengths, weaknesses
  • Week 3: Link between thinking and anxiety
  • Week 4: Rediscover and control your body
  • Week 5: Understanding neurocardiology and changing its biological nature
  • Week 6: Adopt positive emotions
  • Week 7: Moving forward with mental programming
  • Week 8: Learn to manage anxiety attacks
  • Week 9: Manage your emotions and beliefs in 5 minutes
  • Week 10: Discover the power of self-confidence
  • Week 11: Permanently eliminate the negative from your life
  • Week 12: Affirm your transformation for a peaceful future

Overcoming Anxiety & Anxiety takes place over 3 months during which you are accompanied in a process of eliminating destructive emotions and blocking patterns thanks to the principles and concepts of neuroscience. Access explanatory videos, advanced hypnosis and tools to support you in your transformation. The key to the success of this program is action.


Repeated diets have proven their ineffectiveness and the appearance of a highly harmful vicious circle. Thanks to Psycho-Neuro-Nutrition, you can lose weight with the help of your unconscious. Learn to eat without frustration and with total awareness. Once erroneous thought patterns have been eliminated from your unconscious, you will be able to understand and develop better nutrition to achieve your ideal weight.

The detailed content of the program:

  • Dissolve the vicious cycle of diets
  • Deprogram bad eating habits
  • Build your own nutritional program
  • Stop snacking
  • Achieve your goals with hypnosis

The Psycho-Neuro-Nutrition program supports you in adopting a new vision of nutrition in relation to your neurological patterns. In 8 weeks, adopt a new relationship with your body and your diet. Change your eating habits and your personal beliefs for a lasting fundamental transformation.

Quantum Code

The Code Quantum program opens the doors to quantum mechanics for your success. It allows you to eliminate all your patterns of thoughts, beliefs and actions that prevent you from taking action. No longer be trapped by the pressure of society and the obligation to succeed. Achieve your own goals and take your life to the next level using the Quantum System method.

The detailed content of the program:

  • Discover the 5 quantum laws of accomplishment
  • The 4 powers to develop
  • Understanding effective and powerful energies
  • Concepts of applied quantum mechanics
  • Establishing a consistent practice

The Quantum Code takes place over 12 weeks during which you discover quantum mechanics, but above all you put the different concepts into practice. The keystone of this program is action and the achievement of objectives. You have a logbook to note your developments and progress.

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Will & Determination

The Will & Determination program is based on the neuroscience of will and works on personal psychology. Will is the main driving force for acting and achieving your goals, which is why you must strengthen and boost your will.

The detailed content of the program:

  • Understand your will and target your goals
  • Develop new thought patterns to act in all areas of life
  • Building a Will of Steel
  • Motivational tips for greater performance
  • Integrate learning at the unconscious level

This 3-month program takes place via audio and video content to guide you on your journey towards achieving your will. This program has been medically tested and approved (MRI, electroencephalogram) so that you can obtain lasting results and complete success. Affirm your commitment and become the master of your will.

Overcoming Depression & Burn out

The Overcoming Depression & Burn out program is innovative and pragmatic. It aims to give you the essential keys to get you out of a psychological impasse. Transform your harmful thought patterns to build a new healthy and positive psychological and neurological foundation.

The detailed content of the program:

  • Understanding the origin of depression
  • Building a new personal organization
  • Reconnecting the brain to well-being functions
  • Recreating powerful energy capital
  • Integrate changes sustainably into your unconscious

The Overcoming Depression & Burn out program allows you to build new behaviors and habits in 12 weeks in order to permanently eliminate depressive states. Take back control of your emotions and your states of mind for a more serene and positive life.

Hypnosis Learning

You are interested in hypnosis and you wish to acquire skills as an exceptional trainer in the field of hypnosis. So this program is made for you, whether you are a novice or an experienced hypnotist, adopt the essential techniques to succeed in classic or conversational hypnosis to help people achieve their goals through advanced hypnosis.

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The detailed content of the program:

  • Understanding and assimilating hypnotic philosophy
  • Putting techniques into practice and strengthening them
  • Deepen your mastery of hypnosis through observation
  • Develop professional protocols

Thanks to this online program, build your client approach to hypnosis step by step to obtain concrete and effective results. Become a master in the art of hypnosis through the in-depth explanations and analyzes of David Lefrançois.

Points to remember about David Lefrançois and his training

David Lefrançois, expert in neuroscience and coaching training, reveals behind the scenes of the human brain and how to use it to achieve personal and professional achievement. He has developed clear, simple and structured methods so that everyone can access his training.

Need to boost your self-confidence, your willpower, overcome anxiety or depression, find your nutritional balance or even the path to success? Want to train as a coach? Its offers are made for you, whether you are woman, man, young, retired, executive or employee. David Lefrançois is at the service of your happiness.

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