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Guide to buying a domain name

If you are planning to start a blog, online store or website, you will first need to purchase a domain name. But what is a domain name and how to buy it?

What is a domain name?

A domain name is essential when creating a website (blog, online store, etc.). Like an address, it allows Internet users to access the content of a website. This is the name that users will type into their search bar.

Websites initially have an IP address. This address acts as a GPS for the website, indicating its location, i.e. the hosting (server) of the website. Since IP addresses are made up of multiple numbers, it’s easier to access a website using domain names rather than typing a long series of numbers.

To convert these IP addresses into domain names, there is the “domain name system” (DNS): when you type the domain name of a site, you are actually redirected to its IP address.

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How to buy a domain name?

To buy a domain name, you generally just need to go to a web host’s website. However, it is important to ensure that the chosen domain name does not violate intellectual property or personality rights, does not contravene good morals and public order, and cannot be confused with a public body. . The domain name should also be easy to remember and relevant. The domain name extension should be tailored to your industry or target audience.

Steps to buy a domain name with hosting

If you want to create or buy a domain name, you can do so with a domain registar (most hosts have one) and register it with a host by following the procedure below:

1. Check domain name availability

You can check the availability of a domain name by simply typing it into the search bar or by using an available domain name checker.

2. Buy the domain name

The price of a domain name depends on several factors, such as privacy protection options, choice of domain extension, chosen registar, with or without subscription, etc. The price can vary from €10 to €15 per year, but with certain options, it can exceed €5,000 per year. The purchase is made from a web host.

3. Register the domain name with the host

Once you have purchased your domain name, you must register it with a registar or registrar. The host, such as Hostinger, PlanetHoster, etc., must be accredited by ICANN (globally) or by AFNIC (in France). These organizations are responsible for coordinating digital spaces on the Internet. Some hosting providers, like Hostinger, offer a free domain name for a year. The host also guarantees protection for the domain name.

4. Check domain name ownership

You must verify that you are the owner of the domain name, either by consulting the whois (service allowing you to find all the information about a domain name), or by confirming your ownership via a verification email sent by the host. Ownership of a domain name has a limited duration (from 1 to 10 years), depending on the extension.

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