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The Kraken Method: Revolutionary Training for Dropshipping

In the competitive world of e-commerce, it has become essential to stand out to succeed. The Kraken Method, developed by Enzo Honoré, offers a unique approach to building a sustainable, profitable and resalable online business. Find out how this training is revolutionizing dropshipping and online sales.

What is the Kraken Method?

The Kraken Method is a comprehensive strategy focused on the judicious use of SEO and SEA to increase online sales. It stands out for its structured approach and its objective of sustainability and long-term profitability. Unlike the ephemeral practices of traditional dropshipping, Kraken offers a clear and effective path to success in the field of e-commerce.

Why Choose Kraken Training?

Kraken training offers complete support, immersion in a community of e-retailers sharing the same values ​​and access to proven strategies. It allows you to:

Key Strategies of the Kraken Method

E-commerce Site Creation and SEO/SEA Acquisition Strategy

The Kraken Method emphasizes the importance of a site architecture optimized for SEO, associated with targeted SEA campaigns. This combination guarantees increased visibility on search engines and a significant increase in qualified traffic.

Choice of CMS and Importance of Design

Kraken recommends using suitable CMS such as WordPress for maximum flexibility. Design and user experience are also essential aspects, with the aim of optimizing the conversion rate.

Product Strategies and Inventory Management

Instead of going in search of winning products, the training encourages you to build a coherent and quality offer. The emphasis is placed on product selection, writing SEO-optimized product sheets and effective collaboration with a Chinese agent for inventory management.


How to access Kraken training?

Kraken training is accessible via a waiting list, demonstrating its popularity and effectiveness recognized by the e-commerce community.

What are the prerequisites to join the Kraken Method?

To join the Kraken Method, it is necessary to have the motivation to build a serious and sustainable e-commerce business, as well as the desire to learn and apply proven strategies.

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Is the method suitable for beginners?

No, Kraken training is designed to support entrepreneurs who already have a business, experienced e-retailers who want to move to the next level.

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