Don’t miss the incredible offer: Shopify at €1 per month for 3 months!

# Build a successful Shopify store and take advantage of the incredible offer

As a Shopify expert with over 10 years of e-commerce experience, I know that the key to running a successful Shopify store is having a solid, well-thought-out strategy in place. . And to succeed, you need to take advantage of Shopify’s incredible offer: €1 per month for 3 months!

I am a successful Dropshipper myself who generated 2 million euros in less than 2 years with a 30% margin. With discipline, determination and a well-thought-out strategy, I can assure you that you can succeed too.

Indeed, I currently have around fifteen Shopify stores in several countries which bring me around 50,000 euros in cash flow each month, or even much more in busy months like Christmas. My simple and efficient working method has allowed me to generate thousands of euros each month thanks to these online stores.

## Get started with the free trial

To get started, I advise you to take advantage of Shopify’s free trial which lasts 3 days, then €1 per month for the first 3 months. With this offer you can test the system and discover all the features and possibilities that Shopify offers. You can learn how to create your store, put it online and configure all payment and delivery options.

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When your store is live, it’s time to start selling. To do this, you need to select products to sell and add them to your store. You can choose products to sell in bulk from wholesalers and manufacturers, or you can choose to dropship by purchasing products one by one and sending them to your customer. You can also sell digital products such as e-books, software or services.

Once you have selected your products, you must present them on your store. You need to create product descriptions, engaging visuals, and videos or images to showcase your products. You should also include information about shipping costs and delivery options, as well as the payment methods you accept.

## Use marketing and social networks

Once your online store is online and ready to sell, you need to promote it in order to attract customers. For this you need to use marketing and social media. You can use Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Instagram Ads to promote your store and products. You can also create social media accounts and post regular updates to share information about your store and products.

Finally, you need to implement marketing tactics such as coupons and promotions to encourage customers to purchase from your store. You should also set up email marketing campaigns to keep your customers informed of the latest news and promotions.

## Don’t miss Shopify’s incredible offer

Thanks to Shopify’s incredible offer of €1 per month for 3 months, you can access all the features and possibilities that Shopify offers and get started in online commerce. With discipline and determination, you can succeed and start making a living from your online store.

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So don’t miss Shopify’s amazing offer and start working on your store now. And above all, remember that if you don’t succeed the first time, you can always start again and try your luck a second time. So get started and start making a living from your online business with Shopify!

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