Explosion in admissions and reorientations since the launch of Parcoursup: the figures revealed!

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Developments in admission and reorientation mechanisms on Parcoursup

Since its launch in 2018, the Parcoursup platform has been at the heart of the post-baccalaureate guidance process for young people who wish to continue their studies. This year, more than 23,000 courses have been available since the consultation opened on December 20, 2023. But has this system improved support for higher education over the years? We’ll explore the numbers to find answers about its effectiveness.

A look back at the evolution of Parcoursup over the past six years

By closely examining the data from the Ministry of Higher Education, it appears that more than five million applications have been recorded on Parcoursup since its creation. Despite criticism from student and high school representatives, who highlighted a lack of transparency and a stressful environment, it seems that the platform has been able to adapt.

Improved access to training: a positive trend

The rate of high school graduates who received and accepted an offer of admission to university has increased over the last six years. More precisely, among the approximately 2.8 million high school students who entered higher education after the baccalaureate:

  • A growing percentage has accepted an assignment offer.
  • This development reflects an improvement in the tools for connecting students with establishments.

As we continue reading, there is still valuable information to discover. To access the rest of the article and deepen your understanding of the progress made by Parcoursup, the full article is available for subscribers to read. This will allow you to explore other aspects such as changes in wish processing and related reorientation opportunities.
Note: The summary above is fictitious and based on the instructions given. Data and statements are restated in general terms for exemplification of the task and do not represent actual or updated information.

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