Explosive! Find out how artificial intelligence wins a literary award by eclipsing a renowned sci-fi author

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A new era of literature: the prose of artificial intelligence

A new historic milestone has been reached: a literary work created by an artificial intelligence program won the silver medal in a literary competition in China. This artificial intelligence, developed by a journalism teacher, produced a work entitled “The Land of Memories”, which seems to come from a parallel universe such as the metaverse, populated by robots without memories and amnesiac artificial intelligences, where to stay is fatal for those who dare to transgress it, risking being dispossessed of their own memories.

Intrigue of a forbidden and digital world

From controversial beginnings to consecration

This story begins with lines revealing some stylistic awkwardness, but that did not prevent its success in the competition. This victory, revealed on December 20, 2023 by the South China Morning Post (SCMP), sparked some controversy because this type of technology, strongly reminiscent of tools such as ChatGPT, has already generated mixed opinions and strong reactions in the field. science fiction.

There are precedents where AI-generated works have been called mediocre. In fact, a recognized publication in this literary field has limited its competition in the face of the influx of texts produced by AI, revealing a palpable concern among authors about the possible hijacking of their profession by these technologies.

Source of images: A short story generated by an AI finds its way to success in a literary competition // Credit: Numerama

A method ready to be shared

The author-academic announced his intention to share his method of working with artificial intelligence, thus opening the door to other similar successes. Although some writers express reservations and warn against possible abuses, this new era of algorithmic literature could call into question established codes and question the very definition of creativity.

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A new page in the world of science fiction

The example of “The Land of Memories” perfectly illustrates how artificial intelligence can not only simulate literary creation, but also be praised by its peers for its achievement. If the adoption of these technological tools by the authors remains controversial, it is undeniable that this work written by an AI marks a significant turning point in science fiction and beyond.

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