FBI Reveals Shocking Impact of Open Source AI on Hacking!

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The impact of open source AI on hacking: the FBI’s point of view

Hackers have found a new weapon to make their illicit activities more effective: artificial intelligence (AI). According to the FBI, cybercriminals are increasingly exploiting open source AI models to improve their tools and trick Internet users.

Use of AI by cybercriminals

Hackers use chatbots based on language models such as ChatGPT, Google Bard or Claude to facilitate their malicious activities. By manipulating these AIs, they circumvent the security measures and restrictions put in place by the creators of these tools. The FBI warns of the widespread use of these language patterns by the criminal community.

Open source models, a tool favored by hackers

Hackers prefer to use free, customizable open source AI models rather than those controlled by companies. These open source models, accessible to everyone on the internet, make it possible to generate illicit content in a lighter and less resource-intensive way. Additionally, criminals use custom AI models developed by other hackers, available on the dark web.

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The different uses of AI by cybercriminals

Hackers use AI to design phishing pages, create polymorphic viruses, and use deepfake technology to extort money from their victims. They also leverage voice cloning AI to manipulate their targets over the phone.

The future of AI and hacking

The FBI predicts an increase in the criminal use of AI as the technology becomes more widely available. It is therefore essential to develop prevention and protection strategies to counter the malicious use of AI by hackers. AI has the potential to benefit society, but ensuring its responsible and ethical use is imperative.

Source: PCMag

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