Find out how to instantly obtain an impactful and effective professional email address!

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Why have a professional email address?

Nowadays, it is essential to have a professional email address in the world of work. Indeed, communication and important exchanges within a company generally take place via electronic messaging, which provides more fluidity and professionalism.

The advantages of a professional email address

To clarify more

Having a professional email address allows you to clarify and highlight your career and business on the web. This is seen as a guarantee of professionalism and recognition for potential clients.

For more online visibility

It is also important to have your own personalized email address in order to promote your brand and your business, and thus make them more visible on the internet.

How to create a professional email address?

Choosing the right supplier

There are several professional email address providers on the web, some of which offer free solutions such as Google’s Gmail or Outlook. There are also paid hosting options, such as Hostinger web hosting, which they claim provide greater security.

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Register a domain name

If you have a website, an application or a blog linked to your activity on WordPress, you can configure your professional email address via this means. Simply register your email address with your domain name, which is often the name of your company, as offered by Google Workspace. This method is interesting because it allows customers to make the link between your company and your email address.


Once you’ve chosen your provider and decided if you want to use a domain name, all you need to do is register. Registration is usually quick and simple.

What are the advantages of a professional email address?

Organization and management

One of the main advantages of a professional email address is to allow better organization and management of your emails. You will be able to find them all in the same place and process, sort and classify them according to your needs.

Privacy and data security

Having a professional email address separate from your personal email address also guarantees the confidentiality and security of your data. In fact, professional email boxes do not benefit from the same security as personal email addresses.

Tips for using your professional email address correctly

100% email response rate

For optimal use of your professional mailbox, it is essential to respond to all emails from your customers, in order to show your professionalism and satisfy your customers. Not responding to an email means losing a potential customer.

Importance of attachment size

To avoid storage overload, it is important to limit the size of attachments. Depending on the provider, sending attachments that are too large may incur additional charges or make sending impossible.


Choose the provider that best suits your needs, register and create your professional email address in minutes. You will thus be able to promote your offer and your services in a clear, precise and personalized way. Whether you have a website or blog related to your activity or not, a professional email address is essential for the good organization and management of your emails, as well as for the confidentiality and security of your customers’ data. Do not hesitate to compare the different accommodations before making your choice, in order to adopt the right marketing strategy for your business.

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