Geeks are paying a high price as AI revolutionizes the tech sector: find out how!

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AIE Aie Aie ! Artificial intelligence is shaking up the job market

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the world of work and geeks are the first victims. Ironically, it is their own technological creation that pushes them towards the exit.

AI is spreading rapidly and no one is spared, not even the technology sector that gave birth to this technology. It’s a real shock for technology enthusiasts who find themselves unemployed, even though it’s their invention that overshadows them.

Chain layoffs: thank you AI!

Tech employees may not have anticipated this situation. The field of AI, which is now part of our daily lives, is already causing a stir in several professional circles. And the irony is that it is the technology sector itself which must face a wave of layoffs to make room for their own innovation.

Examples of firms affected by AI

Business Field of activity Number of layoffs
Chegg Technology education 80
IBM Information technology Unspecified
Dropbox Online storage 500

A notable example is that of Chegg, a Silicon Valley company specializing in technological education, which laid off 4% of its workforce, or 80 people in total. Why this choice ? To “better position ourselves in the AI ​​strategy and generate long-term value for students and investors”.

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And that’s just the beginning…

Chegg is just the tip of the iceberg. Even the giant IBM, through its CEO Arvind Krishna, announced in an interview for Bloomberg that it hoped to gradually be able to replace part of its employees with AI. And what about Dropbox, which laid off 500 people to make room for AI? For Drew Houston, CEO of Dropbox, AI has exceeded all expectations and “captured the imagination of the world, expanding the potential market for our future AI production.”

Geeks 2.0 to the rescue?

What you must remember :

Companies are not looking to cut jobs, but rather to hire AI specialists.

AI will improve the work of humans, not replace them.

Current specialized employees could be replaced by specialists who can leverage AI.

In other words, companies need 2.0 geeks with specific skills to make the most of AI. According to Dan Wang, a professor at Columbia Business School, the impact of AI on employment in the technology sector could be seen not as a threat, but as an opportunity for professional development. So, are you ready for the big leap?

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