How to Remove Denim Stains from Your Purse

A little while back I bought this adorable Kate Spade cross body. This is the first time that I have ever used a cross body for my daily purse, and with that came an issue that I didn’t even think of. It will regularly rub up against my jeans and to my dismay, your jeans will leave stains on your light purses!So to fix this naughty little problem I found a nice simple solution that is safe for your purse! I can’t believe how easy this was.

I took Simple Make-up remover wipes and they were completely able to remove all the dark jean stains on my light purse. Any alcohol-free make-up wipe should be able to do the trick. I use Simple because there are no extra chemicals that could damage the leather on my purse. I just wiped for a couple minutes before all the blue stains on my light purse completely came off onto the wipe.

After a little bit of cleaning, the purse looked a lot better. I was able to get off almost all of the jeans stains and went off to clean the rest of the purse with the wipe. After that I went back and doubled up with some purse protectant. The one I use is directly from Michael Kors (similar) and can be used on handbags, shoes, and suede.
How To Remove Denim Stains From Your Purse
Not 100% gone, but much better, right?

Do you ever have this problem with your purses? What do you do to avoid stains on your purses?

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