Incredible revelation: 1,600 images of child pornography discovered in an artificial intelligence database!

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Child pornography files detected in data collection

An investigation by Stanford Internet Observatory experts revealed the presence of thousands of child pornography files in a widely distributed data collection called LAION-5B. This discovery is particularly worrying given the growing proliferation of child pornography content generated by artificial intelligence on the Internet. The recent analysis carried out by the institution identified files representing sexual violence against minors in data archives intended for training visual synthesis systems. LAION-5B, a repository containing more than 5 billion visuals and explanatory texts from community platforms and adult sites, was used to educate the Stable Diffusion AI developed by the Stability AI company.

Given the ability of AI models to create compelling visuals from just a few examples, the presence of such images within LAION-5B raises concerns about their potential impact. The study authors immediately reported the illegal files to the appropriate authorities, including the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children in the United States and the Canadian Center for Child Protection. They have also taken steps to remove these incriminating images.

Actions taken to contain and prevent these problems

In response to these alarming findings, LAION officials promised to implement a strict policy against the presence of illicit content in their data collection. As a first step, access to LAION was temporarily disabled on the Internet in order to conduct a thorough check and cleanup.

Meanwhile, Stability AI claimed that their AI was trained with a filtered version of LAION-5B. Filtering systems have been integrated to block problematic results during user interactions with AI models. Additionally, identification tools have been put in place to mark AI-generated visuals and prevent malicious exploitation of their technology.

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