Mind mapping: the revolutionary technique that boosts your creativity and productivity! Discover all its secrets now!

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Definition of Mind mapping

Mind mapping is a method of visual representation of ideas or thoughts, in the form of mental maps, heuristic diagrams or cognitive maps.

History of Mind Mapping

Before 1970

The concept of Mind mapping dates back to ancient times. Since Aristotle, the Romans, the Greeks and even the Middle Ages, human beings have already used mental maps to associate familiar places with ideas and facilitate memorization. Leonardo da Vinci and Darwin also used this method by representing their ideas in the form of branches or ramifications.

After 1970

It was in the 1970s that the English psychologist and mathematician Tony Buzan developed the contemporary method of Mind mapping, based on the visual thoughts of the brain.

Mind mapping objectives

In company

In business, Mind mapping helps improve communication and understanding between team members. During brainstorming sessions, this method stimulates associative thinking, facilitates the visualization of correlations between ideas and promotes the learning of new skills.

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For personal use

On a personal level, Mind mapping develops creativity and memorization. Whether for personal development or the design of a project, this mind mapping technique is effective in giving shape and clarity to ideas. Mind mapping is also used in adult training.

Tools used for Mind mapping


There are many online software programs for creating mind maps and gathering ideas. This software also provides advice and tips for optimizing the use of Mind mapping in work or personal life.

Paper version

If you prefer to use a paper version rather than software, all you need is a sheet of paper and colored pencils to make note-taking more visual. This method also helps develop creativity and provides a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

Benefits of Mind Mapping

Organization and management

Mind mapping makes it possible to structure and organize ideas, to highlight correlations between information, and thus to help with the understanding, planning and overall management of a project or work.

Support for decision making and learning

Creating mental maps contributes to the synthesis, memorization and easier understanding of information. This is why this method is used in school learning techniques. Creating a mind map can also help evaluate the pros and cons of a situation, visualize the consequences, and facilitate decision-making.


Mind mapping is a marketing tool integrating visual and mental heuristic maps to visualize ideas and their connections, in order to optimize the organization and management of projects. Although brought to light in the 1970s, this concept has long been used in many areas of personal, professional and educational life. To discover this method, there are many online software available to you.

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