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Being reborn after burnout: the story of François Lemay

François Lemay experienced burnout a few years ago, a shocking experience which allowed him to reconfigure his life and live it with full awareness.

Today he is an author, speaker and personal development coach, and he uses his journey to pass on the keys to mindfulness.

Discover the world of François Lemay, founder of the Kaizen Mindfulness Academy, and learn how to improve your daily life in just a few days.

The fall

Burnout and other mental health-related illnesses are increasingly present in the world of work, but they often remain hidden due to shame or lack of knowledge.

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More than 50% of those under 35 do not talk to their superiors about their burnout, feeling alone and misunderstood.

François Lemay experienced burnout a few years ago, accompanied by the bankruptcy of his company. A difficult period, but one for which he is grateful today because it allowed him to be reborn with a new conception of life and to reconnect with himself.

The encounter with meditation

Meditation was a key element in the rebirth of François Lemay. He has participated in Vipassana retreats, a 10-day meditation method where the practice takes up 10 hours a day.

This experience changed his life by allowing him to reconnect with something bigger than himself and find meaning in his existence.

Today, he shares the lessons he has acquired through books, conferences and the creation of the Kaizen Mindfulness Academy.

Sharing knowledge

Passing on the keys to a better life

After having managed to get back on track, François Lemay crossed paths with the Académie Zérolimite, which pushed him to create his own movement and a first program called Reconnexion.

Today, he transmits his teachings through the Kaizen Mindfulness Academy, offering online programs, retreats and conferences.

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He is also present on social networks, notably on YouTube, where he addresses various topics related to mindfulness.

Training: Making mindfulness affordable to all

The Kaizen Mindfulness Academy offers online programs, retreats and conferences to make mindfulness accessible to everyone.

Programs such as Detox your conscience, Reconnection and Switch allow you to deepen your knowledge and work on yourself.

These training courses will guide you to better understand your mind, get rid of the past and blockages, and find inner calm.

Find meaning in your life

François Lemay’s online programs will allow you to deepen your knowledge in full awareness and find meaning in your life.

He will guide you step by step to better understand your mind and move forward serenely on your life path.

Whether you are a novice or already initiated, François Lemay’s teachings are simple, effective and immediate.

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For more information on the Kaizen Academy and François Lemay’s programs, visit their website and social networks.

Do not hesitate to ask for more information to choose the program that suits you and give you energy.

And remember: It’s Ok, it’s a process!

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