NutriSolution: My honest opinion on this fat burner! The scam unmasked?

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A solution for losing weight: EH-5

If you are having trouble losing weight despite numerous unsuccessful diets, did you know that in most cases, the difficulties in losing weight are of hormonal origin? To remedy this, there is a solution: EH-5, also known as Hormonal Balance 5. Let’s see together what this revolutionary product is.

Hormonal Balance 5 or EH-5, a revolutionary fat burner

EH-5 is a dietary supplement that contains 13 specially selected ingredients. It acts as a revolutionary fat burner by overcoming the hormonal dysfunctions responsible for blocking metabolism and weight loss. This product was developed by Dr. Eric Wood, a naturopathic doctor graduated from Harvard University, who is recognized as a reference in the media. It is manufactured by the company Nutrisolution, in an ISO 22000 certified laboratory and validated by the DGGCCRF.

A rigorously controlled product

EH-5 is a product manufactured in France, in an ISO 22000 certified laboratory and controlled by the DGGCCRF. It thus meets all French quality and health standards.

Hormonal blockages are responsible for weight gain

Dr. Eric Wood discovered that difficulty losing weight could be caused by hormonal blockages. After extensive research, he identified 5 hormonal blockages that promote fat storage and prevent weight loss. These blockages have an impact on metabolism and can lead to various physiological disorders. It is therefore essential to tackle these 5 blockages simultaneously to regain hormonal balance.

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Why tackle these 5 blockages simultaneously?

It is important to tackle all 5 hormonal blockages at the same time to obtain good results. It’s like having a bucket with 5 holes: if you don’t plug them all, the bucket will continue to empty.

What are the 5 hormonal blockages in question?

The 5 hormones affected by metabolism disruption are as follows:

  • Thyroid hormones T3 and T4
  • Cortisol
  • Estrogens
  • Insulin
  • Leptin

Product characteristics: 13 ingredients capable of overcoming these blockages

EH-5 is composed of 13 carefully selected ingredients. These ingredients act to boost deficient hormonal mechanisms. They help dislodge the most stubborn fats and restore hormonal balance. Among these ingredients, we find in particular iodine, minerals, rhodiola, ginseng, broccoli, cinnamon and African mango.

What are these ingredients and what do they work on?

Iodine and minerals act on thyroid hormones T3 and T4 by improving thyroid function and stimulating thyroid hormone secretion. Rhodiola and ginseng act on cortisol by reducing stress and promoting the body’s ability to burn fat. Broccoli acts on estrogen by promoting the rebalancing of this hormone. Cinnamon acts on insulin by regulating its level and promoting a reduction in waist size. Finally, African mango acts on leptin by stabilizing its quantity in the body and promoting the reduction of fat mass.

How it works ?

EH-5 aims to rebalance the 5 key hormones to facilitate weight loss. Once your hormone levels are balanced and your hormonal mechanisms are healthy, your weight loss becomes easier. The recommended dosage is to take 2 capsules per day with a glass of water, at any time of the day. The results are visible after a 3-month treatment. It is important to follow the dosage and directions of use of the product for maximum effectiveness.

EH-5: a product with many advantages

EH-5 is recommended to regulate and boost metabolism, improve sleep, reduce stress, improve skin firmness and texture, reduce the level of bad fatty acids in the blood, control appetite, develop energy and improve the immune system.

EH-5: the disadvantages

EH-5 is not a miracle product and its effectiveness depends on a healthy and balanced diet as well as regular physical activity. Treatment must be followed regularly and the product is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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What to think about EH-5

EH-5 is a product based on a proven scientific concept, which acts effectively on the hormonal blockages responsible for weight gain. It is recommended to follow a healthy diet and regular physical activity at the same time for better results. EH-5 is available on the website and benefits from a 180-day money-back guarantee.

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