Online Language Courses: What About the Best? Discover the Truth!

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Lingoda, an online language learning platform

Lingoda is an online language learning platform based in Germany. Since its creation in 2013, it has more than 80,000 students and employs more than 1,500 teachers who provide approximately 550,000 courses per year, including weekends.

The strength of Lingoda lies in its progressive learning path structured in chapters, taught by real native and qualified teachers. You also have the option of taking group classes, which makes learning more user-friendly.

The different language courses offered by Lingoda

Lingoda currently offers courses in English, German, Spanish and French. There are private lessons and small group lessons, as well as intensive learning packages over a few weeks.

Group language courses on Lingoda

Group classes are very popular on Lingoda because they are cheaper and more motivating. Groups are made up of two to five students, which allows everyone to ask questions during class.

Private lessons on Lingoda

For more intensive learning, you can opt for private lessons where you will be alone with your teacher. These courses are recommended if you want to practice more speaking. Private lessons follow the same content as group lessons, but you have more opportunities to ask your teacher questions.

The language sprint

Lingoda regularly offers a language sprint to quickly progress in the language of your choice. Sprints last two months and you can choose between one class every other day or one class per day. If you attend all classes in your sprint and follow the established rules, Lingoda will reimburse you up to 100% of the classes.

Language marathons

If you prefer learning over a longer period, Lingoda offers marathons. The quarter-marathon, half-marathon and marathon subscription packages allow you to take on a linguistic challenge at an attractive price. Lingoda can also reimburse you for part of your marathon if you are diligent.

The advantages of online courses with Lingoda

  • Flexible timetable: you choose the time of your classes.
  • You obtain a CEFR certificate valid throughout Europe.
  • Possibility of taking lessons in small groups, more friendly and less expensive than private lessons.
  • Access to educational resources such as grammar and vocabulary PDFs, exercises and course summaries.
  • Different subscriptions available with decreasing prices.
  • The teachers are friendly, qualified and have teaching experience.
  • Responsive customer service.

The disadvantages of online language courses with Lingoda

  • Each student does not have an assigned teacher, so it is possible to have several teachers.
  • The interface does not make it easy to learn multiple languages ​​simultaneously.
  • Lingoda only offers lectures, there are no conversation classes.
  • The duration of the lessons is fixed and one hour.
  • There are many subscription plans, which can be confusing for some.
  • You must download two additional software programs to be able to follow the online courses.

Take language lessons easily thanks to Lingoda: step-by-step instructions

To get started, you need to take out a subscription or choose an intensive plan. Take the time to consider all the options available before making your choice.

Then you can choose one or more courses depending on the schedule that suits you best and the theme of the course.

Each course corresponds to a chapter and you can choose to follow the chapters in the expected order or not.

During class, you connect using the Zoom application and join the teacher and other students. The course takes place using a slideshow and PDF exercises.

The answers to all your questions about Lingoda

Is it necessary to book lessons well in advance?

No, you can book a course the same day. However, for sprints it is best to book a week in advance.

What can I do with the CEFR certificate obtained from my courses on Lingoda?

The CEFR certificate is not a state diploma, but it is valid throughout Europe and can be used to justify your language level to an employer, for example.

What happens if I can’t attend a class I’ve booked?

Lingoda does not reimburse missed classes.

Is the subscription refundable?

Lingoda can refund a subscription within 7 days of purchase.

Is it possible to pay for my Lingoda courses with my personal training account (CPF)?

Yes, you can use your personal training account (CPF) to pay for language courses on Lingoda.

Verdict: Lingoda, a very good language school for those who like to learn in a structured way

Lingoda is an online language learning platform that offers structured courses taught by qualified teachers. If you’re looking for quick, structured learning, Lingoda is for you. However, if you prefer rich exchanges and intercultural encounters, you may be disappointed.

The advantages of Lingoda are the flexibility of schedules, the issuance of a CEFR certificate, the possibility of taking courses in small groups, access to educational resources and reasonable prices. The disadvantages are the lack of a dedicated teacher, the limited interface, the absence of conversation lessons, the fixed duration of the lessons, the complexity of the subscription plans and the need to download additional software.

In summary, Lingoda is suitable for people who want to follow structured language courses from home, with great time flexibility. You can also benefit from a free seven-day trial to test the platform.

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