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Tony Robbins: a world-renowned life coach

Do you have the life you want, or on the contrary, do you feel like you are suffering? What would you think of a program that would suggest you change everything to finally reach your full potential? This is what Tony Robbins, world-renowned life coach, has been offering you for over 40 years.

His teaching and methods have put more than one on the path to success, so why not you?

Who is Tony Robbins?

Tony Robbins is a world-renowned personal development coach from California. Its goal is to help people transform their lives to succeed in the areas that matter to them. This could be their business, their personal finances, their intimate relationships or their career and family.

Tony Robbins is first of all a personality as imposing by his physical stature as by the phenomenal energy that he communicates. He appears endowed with extraordinary psychological gifts when he speaks in public. What is striking about him is his ability to instantly grasp what is blocking a relationship between two people and to know how to find solutions.

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His empathy and the emotions he provokes undoubtedly make him one of the most inspiring coaches in the world. He also influences the majority of current coaches, especially those like him who seek to develop and stimulate the potential of individuals in the field of business and finance.

Tony Robbins has, to his credit, the coaching of imminent personalities such as Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey and Leonardo Di Caprio. His activity is not limited to supporting others, because he makes a point of embodying the success he advocates.

He is himself a gifted businessman, who has made success the leitmotif of his life. Today at the head of 7 private companies and 5 holding companies, he is proud to also work in humanitarian aid, with a foundation active in 56 countries, which allows him, according to him, to redistribute what he has received.

But Tony Robbins is not only interested in the world of business and politics. In addition to the stars of this field, he also works with students, parents and any individual looking to improve and achieve full fulfillment in their life. The means to achieve success that he teaches are therefore applicable to everyone.

The Tony Robbis method and its training programs

Tony Robbins’ methods for achieving full fulfillment in life are based on NLP (neurolinguistic programming), of which he is a great specialist. According to some, he uses it quite personally, because he couples it with an empirical modeling of personality, observed with successful personalities.

The teachings of Tony Robbins

Above all, they recommend a lucid and pragmatic approach to yourself, so as to actively take responsibility for transforming your existence. This starts with defining your objectives in a clear and positive way. In other words, dare to say what you want, instead of always talking about what you no longer want.

The questions Tony Robbins invites you to ask yourself are: What do you want? When ? And how much ? Then, Tony Robbins is a coach who focuses on your approach by teaching you that the changes you will initiate are as important as the objectives you will obtain.

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It teaches you to plan for the desired changes by showing you that success is the fruit of conscious preparation and will.

Training programs, events and health products

He delivers his teachings through his books, but above all through large public events taking place over several days. It also markets audio programs, health products and personal coaching sessions.

Tony Robbins’ seminars

They bring together thousands of people and have varied themes:

  • Discover your inner power to change your life;
  • Achieve complete success in business;
  • Awaken your leadership;
  • Transform your body and mind;
  • Mastering wealth…

Some seminars are held virtually, others take place in public. The most famous of them takes place once a year in the United States and offers a practice that causes a sensation: walking on burning embers. Its goal is to help you let go of your fears and limiting beliefs.

We can pass this test by adopting the state of mind taught by the master, whose truly galvanizing energy raises that of his audience. According to Tony Robbins, nothing can resist you in life if you have successfully completed “this baptism of fire”!

In addition to this event, which can also be attended in Europe, Tony Robbins gives other seminars. All concern the themes of success in business, leadership development, mental transformation, etc.

Audio programs

Of varying lengths, they consist of a certain number of CDs and DVDs accompanied by course materials and exercises. They exist at all prices, and according to programs of varying duration: a few weeks or several months.

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For example, they will help you: define your goals and the means to achieve them; master your time to succeed, create lasting and passionate relationships, etc.

Health products

Tony Robbins places great importance on fitness and health to achieve success. To do this, it markets products developed by its companies, which help you improve your physical and mental performance: vitamins, detox cures, etc. Its products also boost your immune system and help you keep a slim and toned body.

Tony Robbins: user reviews

To find out if Tony Robbins’ solutions and methods can help you bring about the desired changes in your life, look to those who have experienced them! There is no shortage of published reviews, and they are generally rather positive. We’ll deliver some of them to you.

Ana Sandréa, therapist

Ana attended one of Tony Robbins’ biggest public events and performed the famous ember walk. For her, there is no doubt, it is indeed an extraordinary experience and perhaps the most intense of her life. The lessons received, the realizations, as well as the emotions and energy that she was able to feel left her with lasting memories.

Like all the participants in the initial seminars, Ana does not deny having feared burns before walking on the fire! But she tells of Tony Robbins’ uncanny ability to help people build their confidence. He tells them that while fear is normal, the power to tame it also exists within oneself.

The joy felt and the feeling of incredible strength that comes from this experience are truly unique according to Ana. The impression that we are truly capable of doing everything is truly present and becomes a lasting impression in the mind!

Charles, blogger of

This coach was closely interested in the methods and practices provided and recommended by Tony Robbins. According to him, we must avoid falling into clichés and seeing this mentor who brings crowds together as a kind of guru. Everyone remains free to do and think what they want with Tony Robbins.

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The best way to find out, according to Charles, is to start by opening one of his books. We will talk to you about knowing yourself, success techniques to implement and things to change in your life.

The quality of these lessons is validated by Charles who recommends them. According to him, good use of Tony Robbins’ methods allows you to take action in your life, but as long as you want to, because nothing can be done by magic!

Simon, blogger

Simon went to London to a Tony Robbins seminar and tried the famous walking on embers. Not very “hot” to risk it, he admits to having received a few blisters following this adventure. He admits, however, that he could have avoided this inconvenience if he had cultivated the state of mind that Tony tried to transmit to everyone.

Simon therefore advises participating in Tony’s seminars attentively to obtain maximum benefits. The atmosphere of collective euphoria greatly impressed him and allowed him to feel powerful energy and joy. He speaks of an extremely strong and lastingly impactful experience.

It would be difficult to describe, because it is of the order of experience. The goal is then to be able to reproduce it in the circumstances of your life, to once again feel invested with powerful positive energy. The inspiring content delivered during the second day of the seminar was the big highlight of the event for Charles.

According to him, they provide keys to personal development. Some quotes are nuggets to keep in reserve and remember during difficult times. For Charles, a Tony Robbins event is a transformative experience!

Christian, personal development blogger

According to Christian, Tony Robbins is one of the most interesting self-help authors. The interest of his approach is to put the individual at the center and to make him understand his power. In other words, Tony Robbins helps you understand your potential and take the bull by the horns in your life. He will not tell you that it is essential.

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And he’ll never let you believe that you can’t do it alone, either. Another quality he attributes to Tony Robbins: his books are affordable and easy to read. Other tools, such as DVDs and CDs, are available to people at all prices.

They are all effective tools for taking charge of your life and becoming fully independent. Some associate the character of Tony Robbins with a guru. These comments are based on his considerable fortune and his imposing personality.

Christian affirms that this is not the case, Tony’s approach advocating on the contrary the autonomy and responsibility of individuals.

Charlotte Appieto, from the blog

Returning from an Anthony Robbins seminar, Charlotte came away convinced by the famous coach’s methods. According to her, Tony Robbins gives us great life lessons to finally succeed in freeing ourselves from our blockages.

His teachings are useful first of all to all those who do not really believe in them, due to lack of knowing themselves sufficiently. Tony Robbins is a coach who helps you take stock of your values, those that will allow you to make decisions to move forward.

It then teaches you how to set goals and the best methods to achieve them, while maintaining the necessary enthusiasm. It makes you realize that your beliefs and thought patterns are decisive for this.

Thus, you learn with him the methods to transform your limiting beliefs, and create new voluntary and positive thought frameworks. You then have to anchor them within yourself, and Tony Robbins provides you with effective psychological practices to achieve this.

With him, you discover the levers that promote non-superficial success in life. The secret is knowing how to create value for others, knowing how to surround yourself with the right people and taking risks while constantly learning. Health is also at the heart of his concerns, because it conditions our energy, which is, for him, the engine of our success.

Reprogramming our minds goes hand in hand with a healthier life for Tony Robbins. His teachings are therefore among the most comprehensive that currently exist in the field of personal development.

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