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Who is Nej Douma, founder of Profi Skills?

Nej Douma is an entrepreneur and founder of the Profi Skills website. After obtaining an engineering degree in France and Germany, he launched into internet sales and since 2016, he has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs acquire profitable skills to develop their online business. His studies allowed him to sharpen his analytical skills, while he acquired knowledge of optimization on his own, which allowed him to launch into entrepreneurship and help his peers.

What is Profi Skills?

The Profi Skills Youtube channel

Profi Skills has an eponymous Youtube channel which teaches its subscribers how to earn money on the internet automatically. Nej promises specific amounts by watching Youtube videos, listening to Spotify, or even doing nothing. The content offered by Nej is relevant and quality.

The Profi Skills website

Nej presents his work and his testimonies via his website, which includes a complementary blog. You will find entrepreneur tips, summaries of essential books, articles on personal development, productivity, additional income, etc.

Profi Skills online training

Nej offers online training to develop your own online business and earn money by automating your e-commerce business. The training covers topics such as business automation, prospecting automation, increasing visibility and achieving financial freedom by working for yourself.

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How is Profi Skills training organized?

The different modules

The training is divided into several modules. The first module addresses the mindset to adopt before starting the training. The second module explains the criteria for choosing a successful product. The third module concerns setting up the showcase of your online store. The fourth module focuses on traffic and different methods for finding potential buyers.


In addition to the training, Nej offers several bonuses, such as the analysis of 5 e-commerce companies, training on selling products via an optimized email list, sales page templates, SEO Sales training and an hour private coaching with Nej for the first fifty clients.

Who is the Profi Skills training for?

Profi Skills training is aimed at different profiles, such as students, employees, the unemployed, parents and retirees. It is intended for beginners without technical knowledge and allows you to easily apply the concepts covered to generate interesting income.

Advantages and disadvantages of Profi Skills training


  • The training is comprehensive, relevant and accessible.
  • Copywritten sales pages save you time.
  • The SEO Sales training is only accessible via this training.
  • The price of the training is relatively affordable.
  • The first clients can benefit from personalized coaching with Nej.


The training offered in the bonuses may seem far removed from the primary themes, apart from that on emailing. It is important to understand that SEO can be an important ally in building an e-commerce business. You will also have to go through paid platforms to create your online store.

What do you think of Profi Skills?

Nej’s tips for generating income through creating an automatic online business have already helped many entrepreneurs. If you want to start your business on the internet, Nej’s training will give you all the necessary tools.

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