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Who is Olivier MADELRIEU, this enigmatic character who helps us overcome our limiting beliefs, our fears, and gives us access to a life of abundance in all areas?

Olivier MADELRIEU is a doctor of pharmacy, homeopath and nutritionist by training. However, for the past 25 years, he has been best known as a mental coach and hypnotherapist. It offers online training in the form of videos, mainly focused on personal development. Thanks to its methods based on discoveries in neuroscience and the little-known capacities of our brain, it promises everyone to surpass their limits and discover their unlimited potential.

Real demonstrations to train online in the practice of hypnosis

In this training, Dr MADELRIEU provides no less than 79 videos, recorded during his own seminars and produced by professionals. These videos present concrete cases with the participation of trainees. The training is divided into seven stages which allow you to gradually learn the basics of Ericksonian hypnosis and classic hypnosis. Topics covered include hypnotic trance induction, deepening, different levels of brainwaves, anchoring emotional states, targeted protocols to treat addictions, stress, phobias, and more.

Instructions for becoming a charismatic person by developing your magnetism

This online training aims to help participants develop and amplify their magnetism. Olivier MADELRIEU explains that each person has magnetite in the palms of their hands. By developing this ability, it is possible to become a fascinating person and attract positive things into your life. The training includes 30 videos with simple exercises, including a demonstration with a patient. Topics covered include techniques for developing and amplifying your magnetism, protecting yourself from others, discharging negative emotional charges, different types of magnetic passes, etc.

Experience unlimited energy with the harmonization of your chakras!

This online training focuses on the chakras and methods for accessing higher energy levels. Olivier MADELRIEU explains how to use a tool called the Lecher antenna to harmonize the chakras, purify your living space and ward off negative energies. In addition to the 7 traditional Hindu chakras, the training also presents the chakras of the Hawaiian tradition. Practical exercises are offered, such as mantras, visualizations and breathing techniques, to increase energy and raise the vibrational level.

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How to lose weight without dieting thanks to your hormones?

This training addresses the subject of weight loss without dieting by focusing on how the body functions in relation to food and the impacts of hormones. Olivier MADELRIEU explains the harmful effects of sugar on the brain and gives advice on identifying the right foods and glycemic indices. It also addresses the importance of chewing properly, alkalizing the body through diet, and consuming foods rich in antioxidants. The training also includes two hypnosis sessions for the installation of a virtual gastric band.

Reprogram yourself independently with the practice of self-hypnosis

This training is aimed at those who want to attract positive events into their lives, those who want to change and those who want to eliminate negative conditions from their existence. She offers self-hypnosis techniques to create effective and efficient neural connections, control emotions, access the Alpha state of relaxation and program what you want. With training, it is possible to quickly put yourself in the Alpha state and combat stress, insomnia and anxiety.

Vibrate on the right frequency with the keys to the Law of Attraction!

This training explains how to attract what you want by cultivating a high vibrational rate. Olivier MADELRIEU presents the prerequisites for the Law of Attraction to activate positively, including avoiding complaining, practicing gratitude and setting deliberate intentions. The training includes 14 explanatory videos and guided hypnosis exercises to reprogram the neurotransmitters of energy and well-being. The videos allow you to understand the principles of the Law of Attraction and to train your mind to manifest what you want.

In summary, the online training courses offered by Olivier MADELRIEU are varied and cover different aspects of personal development. They are based on concrete and practical methods, and are designed to allow participants to quickly see results. Olivier MADELRIEU is recognized in the field and his teachings are appreciated by many athletes, celebrities and business leaders.

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