Parcoursup 2024: Information site – Everything you need to know to successfully register!

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Complete guide to discover Parcoursup 2024

Detailed guide for discovering Parcoursup 2024

Early opening of the information portal

The Parcoursup information portal for the year 2024 will be revealed on Wednesday December 20. Before the registration process begins on January 17, it is essential that students preparing to move on to higher education familiarize themselves with the site. The interface will allow you to explore the different sectors available without any commitment.

Second class: an advance preview

The great innovation of this session, highlighted by Minister Sylvie Retailleau in an interview with “Journal du Dimanche”, is the accessibility of the site for second year students. Parcoursup 2024 will highlight more than 23,000 training courses to help high school students in their choice of orientation. In addition, a “favorites” system will be available to save favorite training courses.

Key information and networking

Each pathway will provide a synthesized overview with details such as program content and eligibility criteria. Contact details for the educational manager and student ambassadors will also be available. The latter, present since 2019, can be reached by email or on social networks to share their experience and advise future candidates.

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Preparation in advance

The month preceding registration is strategic for students, allowing them to identify the courses that interest them and to refine their file. The objective is to obtain a clear vision of expectations and increase their chances of success. Delphine de Guillebon, private guidance counselor, encourages young people to start in September for better preparation.

In the meantime, Parcoursup 2023 information is still accessible to explore the options available during the previous session.

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Next step

The official opening of Parcoursup 2024 is scheduled for Wednesday December 20, marking the start of the higher education admission process. This article provides more in-depth details, but the rest is reserved exclusively for journal subscribers.

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