PS5 Black Friday offers: the best not to be missed!

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Where to find Black Friday deals on the PS5

E-commerce sites

The first strategy is to monitor the major e-commerce platforms. These sites regularly offer exceptional offers during Black Friday. Here is a non-exhaustive list of sites to monitor:

  • Amazon: The e-commerce giant is known for its deep discounts during Black Friday. Be sure to check the PS5 page regularly.
  • Cdiscount: This French site often offers interesting offers on electronic products during Black Friday.
  • Fnac: Fnac often offers bundles including the PS5 and games for an overall reduction.
  • Darty: Although less known for its video game deals, Darty might surprise you with a great deal on the PS5 during Black Friday.

Stores specializing in video games

In addition to online shopping platforms, many stores specializing in video games also offer special offers during Black Friday. Don’t overlook these potential sources:

  • Micromania: As one of the leading video game retailers in France, Micromania is worth keeping a close eye on during Black Friday.
  • GameStop: Even though GameStop is an American company, they often have great deals available for international customers on Black Friday.

Notifications of offers and discounts by email

Another strategy is to subscribe to the newsletters of these different platforms. Many sites offer exclusive previews or additional offers via email to their subscribers. This is a great way to stay up to date on upcoming deals and make sure you don’t miss out on a great deal.

Follow video game blogs and forums

Video game blogs and forums are also great sources of information for Black Friday deals. Sites like or Reddit’s video game forums can provide valuable information on where and when to look for the best deals.

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In conclusion

In short, you have to be on the lookout and well prepared to find the best deal for the PS5 during Black Friday. Between e-commerce sites, specialized stores, promotional emails and video game blogs and forums, you now have all the keys in hand to get good deals.

Stores offering discounts on the PS5 during Black Friday

Black Friday is the ideal day to get good deals, and the video game market is not left out. The main attraction of this day for many buyers is the PS5, Sony’s latest console, which is highly coveted. While out-of-stocks have been the norm since its launch, some stores are offering discounts during Black Friday to help consumers get their hands on this rare piece. Here is an overview of the brands offering discounts on the PS5 during this exceptional discount day.

Amazon: the e-commerce giant

As the world’s leading online retailer, Amazon is one of the best places to look for PS5 deals on Black Friday. Amazon often has bundles that include popular games with the console.

FNAC: the French champion

FNAC is one of the most popular French e-commerce sites for purchasing electronic products, including game consoles. During Black Friday, you can expect discounts on the PS5 and its accessories.

Cdiscount: interesting offers

Cdiscount regularly offers interesting offers on game consoles, including the PS5, during Black Friday. It is important to stay on the lookout for flash offers that are published throughout the day.

Micromania: a video game specialist

As a store dedicated entirely to video games, Micromania is another go-to for PS5 discounts during Black Friday. Aside from discounts on the console itself, Micromania is also offering discounts on PS5 games and accessories.

Leclerc: the choice of mass distribution

If you prefer to buy in supermarkets, Leclerc is undoubtedly one of the best choices for discounts on the PS5 during Black Friday. The brand usually has a solid stock of PS5 consoles and offers competitive discounts.

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What are the PS5 savings opportunities during Black Friday?

It’s important to note that the PS5 is a high-demand console, and stocks may be limited even during Black Friday. However, to maximize your chances, here are some tips:

  • Watch for bundles that include games or accessories with the console.
  • Consider purchasing a refurbished model to save money.
  • If you are an Amazon Prime member, take advantage of early access offers.
  • Subscribe to store newsletters to receive information on offers in advance.

In conclusion, Black Friday can be a great opportunity to buy a PS5 at a reduced price. However, it is important to be vigilant and patient, as stocks are generally limited. Good shopping!

The best online deals for the PS5 during Black Friday

where to find the best black friday deals for the ps5?

Understanding how Black Friday works

Before you start looking for good deals, it is important to understand how Black Friday works. Known as the best deals day of the year, it takes place the day after the Thanksgiving holiday, marking the start of the holiday shopping season.

During this day and sometimes even the whole week, or even the whole month, stores and online shopping sites offer discounts of sometimes up to 70%. High-tech products are particularly affected, including video game consoles like the PS5.

Where to find the best PS5 deals online?

Several sites are offering deals for the PS5 during Black Friday. Here are some of them:

  • Amazon: The online commerce giant is known for offering interesting deals during Black Friday. It is therefore very likely that you will find the PS5 there at a favorable price.
  • Ebay: This online sales site often offers discounts on game consoles, including the PS5.
  • Cdiscount: This French online shopping site regularly offers offers on game consoles.
  • Fnac: Just like Cdiscount, Fnac is known for its Black Friday deals, including on consoles like the PS5.

Tips for finding the best deals

Here are some tips that might help you find the best PS5 deals this Black Friday:

  • Price comparison: before rushing into an offer, take the time to compare prices on different sites. This might help you find a better deal.
  • Subscribe to newsletters: Most e-commerce sites send newsletters to notify their customers of upcoming offers. By registering, you can be among the first to be informed of deals on the PS5.
  • Flash sales: some offers only last a few hours. So be on the lookout for flash sales.

Black Friday is a great time to find PS5 deals online. However, it is important to be vigilant so as not to miss the best offers. With a little patience and research, you will surely be able to find the console of your dreams at a very attractive price.

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Tips for finding the best Black Friday deal for your PS5

where to find the best black friday deals for the ps5?

Black Friday is synonymous with good deals and represents a golden opportunity for many consumers. Perhaps one of the most sought-after items during this time is the PlayStation 5 (PS5). However, to get your hands on this precious console without breaking the bank, you will need to be clever and prepared. Here are our tips for finding the best Black Friday deal for your PS5.

Stay tuned for promotional offers

For starters, the key to getting the best deal for your PS5 on Black Friday is to stay informed about promotions. Deals are usually announced in advance by retailers, so it’s essential to closely monitor their websites and social media pages. Subscribing to their newsletters, subscribing to their RSS feeds, using price alert applications are all techniques to ensure you don’t miss any announcements.

Compare the prices

Comparing prices between different retailers is another crucial step in getting the best price for your PS5. A simple online search allows you to see who is offering the console at the best price. In addition, price comparison sites can help you get an overview of existing offers. However, make sure the price displayed includes any additional charges, such as delivery charges.

Look for bundles

Bundles are often more advantageous because they include the console and one or more games for a price that is generally lower than purchasing separately. Even though your main goal might be to buy just the console, don’t overlook these deals that could provide you with some serious savings.

Prepare in advance

To maximize your chances of getting the best deal, prepare in advance. Be sure to create an account with your chosen retailer, save your payment information and shipping address to make your purchasing process easier and faster.

Don’t be blinded by the Black Friday frenzy

Finally, it is important not to get carried away by the Black Friday frenzy. It is essential to stay focused on your goal, which is to buy a PS5 at the best possible price. Don’t be tempted by irrelevant offers that could push you to spend more than necessary.

In short, the quest for the best Black Friday deal for your PS5 requires preparation, patience and tenacity. So stay tuned, compare prices, prepare in advance and don’t get distracted by other offers. You are now ready to enter the Black Friday arena!

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