Reveal your creativity with Heygen: transform your photos into stunning visual videos!

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Animate photos and create personalized videos

Heygen is a powerful video creation software that offers many great features. It lets you animate photos by selecting a series of photos and turning them into an attractive video. This feature is ideal for sharing memories or giving a dynamic dimension to your visual content. Additionally, Heygen allows you to create videos from simple photos. Simply choose a photo, import it into the software and follow the instructions to generate a video from that photo. This allows you to quickly create videos from static images, without having to use complex video editing software.

Generate videos from URLs

A unique feature of Heygen is its ability to generate videos from URLs. You can simply paste the URL of a web page containing relevant content, and Heygen will automatically turn that content into a video. For example, if you have an Amazon affiliate blog, you can use Heygen to generate promotional videos from Amazon product pages by inserting corresponding URLs.

The advantage of Amazon affiliation

If you are an Amazon affiliate, Heygen may be of particular interest to you. Using the video generation from URL features, you can embed your Amazon affiliate link directly into the generated video. This provides you with an opportunity to promote your affiliate products in a dynamic and engaging way. Simply find the Amazon products you want to promote, grab your affiliate links via the Partner Toolbar, and insert them into Heygen to create captivating and engaging videos for your audience.

Video customization

Heygen also offers video personalization features. You can change the language of the video by selecting from different options, including French. Additionally, Heygen allows you to add subtitles to your videos. You can generate the subtitles automatically from the video’s audio or add them manually. This improves the accessibility of your videos and makes your content understandable to a wider audience.

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Integration of custom voices

A standout feature of Heygen is the ability to integrate custom voices. Using the integration with Eleven Labs, you can create voice clones of famous people, like Cristiano Ronaldo. This means that you can generate a video with Cristiano Ronaldo’s voice in French or another language of your choice. Simply grab an audio recording of the desired voice, import it into Heygen, and embed it into your video. This feature adds a touch of authenticity and realism to your videos.

Automation and integration with other tools

Heygen offers automation possibilities through its web interface. You can automate certain tasks using automation tools such as Zenoposter or Automat. This helps you save time and optimize your workflow when creating videos with Heygen.


In conclusion, Heygen is a versatile video creation software that offers many great features. Whether you want to animate photos, create videos from photos, or generate videos from URLs, Heygen gives you powerful tools to bring your ideas to life. With the ability to embed Amazon affiliate links, customize videos with subtitles and custom voices, as well as automate certain tasks, Heygen positions itself as an attractive choice for video content creators. Experiment with Heygen and unleash your creativity to produce captivating and engaging videos for your audience.

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