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Martin Latulippe: a bold and inspiring mentor

Discover the inspiring story of Martin Latulippe, a Canadian web entrepreneur who became an internationally recognized professional speaker. Founder of the ZéroLimite Academy, Martin Latulippe trains you and specializes in infopreneurship and the creation of a lucrative online business. His web expertise and his talents as a business strategist make him an exceptional mentor.

The extraordinary journey of Martin Latulippe

Martin Latulippe is an accomplished entrepreneur who has overcome many obstacles to achieve success. Born in 1975 in New Brunswick, he was a turbulent student and loved by his classmates. Passionate about ice hockey, he excelled in this sport to compensate for the difficulties he encountered at school due to his attention deficit disorder and dyslexia. Martin did not thrive in the traditional school system and felt misunderstood. He then decided to focus on hockey, where his extraordinary intelligence allowed him to become the captain of his team.

At age 24, Martin reached the highest level of his hockey career by playing in the Quebec major junior league. Unfortunately, during an international competition, he suffered a serious accident which could have cost him his life. This experience had a profound impact on him and changed his perspective on life. He realized the importance of focusing on his leadership and decided to become a professional motivator.

The success of Martin Latulippe as a speaker

Martin Latulippe knew how to overcome the criticism and failures that accompany the creation of a business. His expertise in personal development and his ability to harness the potential of individuals have made him a French-speaking speaker recognized throughout the world. He has given more than 3,500 conferences and has galvanized crowds of entrepreneurs. Its ZéroLimite Academy is a summary of its knowledge and know-how in infopreneurship.

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The ZéroLimite Academy: complete training for online success

The ZéroLimite Academy, created by Martin Latulippe, offers complete and structured web training to become a speaker, author, guide or infopreneur. Participants benefit from the expertise of a team of professional coaches who help them transform their personality and their experiences into valuable expertise on the web. The training covers different aspects such as positioning, conversion, delivery and growth of your online business.

Participants also have access to bonus modules, practical exercises, case studies and tutorials to optimize their time and skills. The ZéroLimite Academy also offers two live events in Quebec or Paris, as well as support through webinars and a private Facebook group.

Prices and benefits of the ZéroLimite Academy

ZéroLimite Academy training has a cost, but it is possible to pay in one go or in several monthly installments. Participants benefit from a 100% satisfaction guarantee and can quickly make a return on their investment by applying the training lessons. The ZéroLimite Academy also offers many advantages such as a network of motivated entrepreneurs, partnerships, and the opportunity to create a lucrative and fulfilling online business.


Martin Latulippe’s ZéroLimite Academy offers a unique opportunity to self-employed workers who wish to launch into infopreneurship and create an online business. Martin Latulippe, with his inspiring journey and his expertise in personal development, is the ideal mentor to succeed in this path. Join the ZéroLimite Academy and discover the keys to online success.

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