Shopify at €1 per month for 3 months – Take advantage of the Limited Offer Before It Disappears!

I am the Shopify expert who has over 10 years of experience in e-commerce and I can tell you that setting up a successful Shopify store is possible. I know what I’m talking about because I’ve completed this journey myself. I started with Shopify 8 years ago and have made over $2 million in less than 2 years from my online stores. My margin rate was around 30% and I managed to maintain it over the years.

Today, I manage around fifteen Shopify stores in several countries which bring me around 50,000 euros in cash flow each month, and much more during busy months like Christmas.

If you are serious and determined, you can take advantage of Shopify’s limited offer of €1 per month for 3 months and get a complete and reliable experience when you create your online store.

How to Build a Shopify Store Successfully:

1. Take advantage of the Shopify 3-Day Free Trial

When you start your Shopify store, you can get a 3-day free trial. This allows you to test the product and familiarize yourself with the interface. You can also find solutions to your problems and concerns.

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2. Define Your Goals and Develop Your Strategy

Once you understand how Shopify works, you need to define your goals and develop your strategy. What do you want to sell? What type of products will you offer? Who will be your target market? What budget will you allocate for your store?

3. Create Your Online Store

Once you have defined your goals and strategy, it’s time to take action. Now you need to create your online store. You can choose between a free or paid theme, depending on your budget and needs. You should choose a theme that represents your brand and is easy to use.

4. Personalize Your Store

Once you have chosen your theme, you need to customize it. You can do this by adding images, changing text, and adding additional features to improve the user experience.

5. Add Products to Your Store

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Now that your store is ready, you need to add products to your store. You can do this by adding products through Shopify or adding them manually. You can also integrate third-party products into your store if you wish.

6. Configure Your Payment Methods

Once you have added your products, you need to configure your payment methods. You can do this by adding payment methods like PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay and others.

7. Set Your Shipping Costs

Once you have set up your payment methods, you need to set your shipping costs. You need to determine what shipping costs you are going to charge for each product and each destination.

8. Promote Your Store

Now that your store is ready, you need to promote it. You can do this by using social media, creating content and advertising. You can also use tools like Google Ads and Facebook Ads to promote your store.

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9. Track Your Sales and Performance

Finally, you need to track your sales and performance. You can do this using tools like Google Analytics and Shopify Insights. These tools allow you to see which products are the most popular and see how your store is performing in the market.

With these 9 steps, you can successfully set up a Shopify store using Shopify’s free trial which is 3 days and €1 per month for the first 3 months. You can also benefit from the experience and knowledge I have gained over the years.

So why not take advantage of Shopify’s limited offer of €1 per month for 3 months before it disappears? It’s time to take action and start making a living from e-commerce. If you are serious and determined, you can succeed. I did it, and I know you can do it too.

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