Shopify Free 50 Sales: How to Maximize Your Trial Period?

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If you’re looking to quickly build your online store with Shopify and want to know how to maximize your free trial period, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll explain in detail the options Shopify offers, how to best use these offers, and what alternatives might be suitable for your situation. I invite you to discover all the tips to get the most out of this trial period.

Shopify Free: What Does the Trial Period Offer?

When you start with Shopify, it is crucial to understand the details of their free trial offer. Shopify offers a 3-day free trial, which may seem short, but allows you to test most of the platform’s essential features.

  • Creating your online store with no upfront costs
  • Access to a variety of professional themes and designs
  • Use of product and inventory management tools

Boutiques in Development: Myths and Realities

One of the frequent questions concerns stores in development. Contrary to popular belief, stores in development do not allow you to make 50 free sales. These stores are intended to be transferred to a customer once they choose a paid plan.

Learn how to use Shopify for free and effectively

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Alternatives and Solutions to Extend Your Trial

If you find Shopify’s options limited, there are other strategies for extending your trial period or testing different features without a significant financial commitment.

Option Benefits
Shopify Starter Almost free offer to start
Use of social networks Sales via Facebook and Instagram

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The Best Free Apps to Optimize Your Store

During your trial, try integrating some of the best free apps available on the Shopify App Store. For example, Weglot is an ideal solution for translating and localizing your store, allowing you to manage one language and up to 2,000 words for free.


How to get Shopify free?

You can start by signing up for the 3-day free trial offered by Shopify. During this period, take advantage of all the features to optimize your store.

Is Shopify free?

Shopify is not completely free. The platform offers a 3-day free trial, after which you will need to choose a paid subscription from the various options available.

Which Shopify plan to choose?

The choice of package will depend on the size and needs of your store. Options range from Shopify Starter to Shopify Plus for more advanced needs.

How not to pay Shopify?

Take advantage of the free trial period and explore possible promotions to reduce upfront costs. It is also possible to test other free platforms to compare.

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How to get AdSpy for free?

AdSpy is generally not free, but watch for promotions or trial periods that might be offered by AdSpy to test their services with no upfront cost.

How to stop paying Shopify?

You can deactivate your Shopify store at any time. If you choose not to continue with a paid subscription, be sure to back up your data.

How to open a Shopify store?

To open a Shopify store, first create an account using the 3-day free trial. Then, follow the setup steps to customize your store, add products, and choose a paid plan if you decide to continue.

Take advantage of these tips and tricks to maximize your use of Shopify and increase your online sales effectively.

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