Shopify unveils Sidekick, the revolutionary AI assistant to boost your online sales in the world of e-commerce!

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Shopify launches Sidekick, an artificial intelligence-powered assistant to simplify online store management

Shopify, a major player in e-commerce, constantly seeks to make life easier for entrepreneurs and eliminate the technical constraints associated with online commerce. Today, the platform takes the next step with the launch of Sidekick, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered assistant that promises to make online store management even simpler.

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What is Sidekick?

Sidekick is a new feature announced by Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke himself via a tweet. This virtual assistant equipped with artificial intelligence aims to support entrepreneurs in the daily management of their online business. It will automate certain tasks and provide relevant advice to improve the performance of online stores. Sidekick should be particularly popular with dropshippers who are already using the Shopify platform to build their online business.

A true ally for entrepreneurs

Shopify’s philosophy is based on the idea that anyone can become an entrepreneur. With Sidekick, the platform continues to attract new e-commerce players by offering an easy-to-use and efficient tool. Using artificial intelligence, Sidekick will automate certain tasks, provide personalized advice, facilitate decision-making through predictive analysis and answer customer questions via an integrated chatbot. This is therefore a real game changer in the world of e-commerce.

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How does Sidekick work?

To benefit from Sidekick, Shopify users will need to activate the functionality from their management interface. Once activated, the AI ​​assistant will continuously analyze store data, detect opportunities and threats, suggest concrete actions to improve performance and interact with customers via a chatbot. Sidekick will thus make it possible to manage online commerce in a more efficient and proactive manner.

A scalable tool thanks to AI

Sidekick has the ability to learn and improve over time using artificial intelligence. It will be able to refine its advice and predictions based on changes in user activity, identify new trends and opportunities, and improve its interaction with customers by learning from their questions and behaviors. Shopify thus confirms its commitment to innovation and accessibility to facilitate the entrepreneurial success of its users.

Sidekick: a new era for e-commerce?

The launch of Sidekick marks a new stage in the evolution of online commerce. By integrating artificial intelligence into its platform, Shopify is revolutionizing the management of online stores and opening a new era for e-commerce. Sidekick could well become the essential ally to succeed in the competitive world of e-commerce. It remains to be seen how other market players will react to this innovation and whether Sidekick will live up to its promises. One thing is certain, Shopify hits hard with this announcement.

Shopify Magic: a breakthrough in generative AI

Shopify Magic expands its functionality by offering content generation for blogs, product descriptions and marketing emails. With its new chatbot-like AI tool called Sidekick, Shopify can understand and interpret questions or prompts related to business decisions. Shopify Magic powers its new capabilities with proprietary data from Shopify and language models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

A deep commitment to innovation and accessibility

Shopify believes in the responsibility of keeping businesses on the cutting edge of technology. Shopify Magic’s new capabilities are powered by proprietary data and language models, not shared with third parties. Shopify is committed to making AI accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Cutting-edge features to facilitate e-commerce

Shopify Magic can now generate blog posts, customize tone of voice, and translate content into different languages. It can also create content for customer emails, automatically writing newsletters and announcements. Merchants have the ability to review Magic content before it is published, for added security.

Sidekick: Shopify’s AI assistant

Sidekick is a conversational AI assistant trained to answer merchants’ questions, perform specific tasks, and guide merchants through their email marketing campaigns. It is an e-commerce version of ChatGPT, intended to help entrepreneurs in their activities.

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