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Yannick Alain: a successful speaker and entrepreneur

Yannick Alain is an international speaker, author and successful entrepreneur. Despite a difficult start as a street vendor, he was able to persevere and succeed thanks to his kindness. Despite the doubts of his first boss, who told him that his kindness would be an obstacle to his success, Yannick Alain did not give up. He continued his sales career and held sales director positions in large companies such as Toshiba, Canal+ and Microsoft.

After an accident which pushed him to question his career, Yannick Alain became aware of his specificities and his values. He decided to put his kindness at the center of his professional commitment. He chose to share his knowledge and values ​​by becoming a speaker and author. In 2014, he created Audacity Day and co-founded the NeuroBusiness School. Its goal is to help people reveal themselves and succeed on their own.

The training offered by Yannick Alain

NeuroBusiness School training

The NeuroBusiness School is an online training course that allows you to know yourself better and define your entrepreneurial project in accordance with your values. Thanks to this training, you will be able to fully exploit your potential and overcome your doubts and imposter syndrome. You will learn to set ambitious and coherent objectives, to implement communication actions adapted to your personality and your business, and to master the art of copywriting and storytelling to optimize your success through ethical marketing. You will also learn how to use social networks to target your audience and how to create and manage a community.

Training methods

NeuroBusiness School training is done online, with unlimited access to the training platform. You will be able to follow the courses at your own pace, adapting your schedule to your personal and professional constraints. Occasional evaluations will allow you to take stock of your acquisitions, and interactive Masterminds will allow you to exchange with other participants. You will also have access to webinars led by experts. By joining the NeuroBusiness School, you will join a private group on Facebook where you can interact with other participants and share your knowledge and successes.

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Business learning training

Business learning training allows you to reveal your expertise and create your own training. You will learn to master the teaching levers of a good trainer, to structure your training and to make it captivating. You will be able to monetize your knowledge and create your financial independence.

Training methods

The Business learning training consists of two modules devoted to the creation of your training and two modules devoted to the sale of your training. You will be able to view the recorded videos in live conditions, and evaluation questionnaires will allow you to take stock regularly. You will also have access to workshops and PDF support and an online notebook.

Master Persuasion and Master Influence training

The Master Persuasion and Master Influence training allows you to develop your promotional talents and master ethical marketing. You will learn how to attract prospects, convert them into customers, and retain them through excellent customer service. You will develop your relational intelligence and become a leader in your market.

Training methods

The Master Persuasion and Master Influence training is presented in the form of videos, audios and educational materials. Evaluation questionnaires will allow you to take stock regularly, and you will participate in workshops according to a pre-established schedule.


The training offered by Yannick Alain is an excellent opportunity for those seeking professional and personal success. Whether you are looking for a job, retraining or about to start your professional activity, these training courses will provide you with the help you need to achieve your goals. Don’t stay isolated, get out of your comfort zone and reveal yourself thanks to Yannick Alain’s training.

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