The Prosperous & Ethical method: the key to your incredible success!

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The NeuroBusiness School: an innovative method to fulfill your potential

If you are in professional transition or if you are an entrepreneur wishing to position yourself effectively on the web, you surely want to take on new challenges and move forward in your career. This is where the NeuroBusiness School comes in. This school offers an innovative method to help you achieve your potential. Yannick Alain and David Lefrançois are the trainers of this school and they have designed effective training based on both neuroscience and ethics.

The NeuroBusiness School program is suitable for all profiles, whether you are a salesperson, coach, trainer, therapist, etc. It aims to help you succeed in all your projects.

Yannick Alain and David Lefrançois: inspiring trainers

Yannick Alain and David Lefrançois are two inspiring trainers who have combined their skills to create this unique training.

Yannick Alain: a human businessman

Yannick Alain has a rich career in marketing and has held the position of Sales Director in international companies such as Microsoft, Toshiba and Canal+. He has succeeded in reconciling the demands of the market with a humanist vision of management based on kindness and communication. His main concern is to build effective teams with an emphasis on human qualities and kindness. Today he is a web entrepreneur and international speaker. With generosity, he guides young entrepreneurs by giving them the keys to success while remaining true to themselves. He transmits his positive vision: it is possible to prosper in business by remaining authentic and that is the best way to succeed.

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David Lefrançois: an expert coach in neuroscience

David Lefrançois is a multidisciplinary coach who first discovered coaching in the field of sports competition. He then expanded his skills to strategic coaching, hypnotherapy and neuroscience. He provides training in different areas such as self-confidence, determination, relationship management, diet, anxiety, learning and hypnosis-learning. He is also a speaker, coach trainer and author of several books. He is the co-founder and principal trainer of the Institute of Applied Neuroscience. He shares his experience within the NeuroBusiness School alongside Yannick Alain.

The meeting of neuroscience and ethics: the key to a prosperous and happy business

The NeuroBusiness School has brought together a multidisciplinary team to offer comprehensive training focused on each person’s personality, needs and desires. This training is based on the meeting between neuroscience and ethics.

Combining a successful business with a fulfilling private life

The NeuroBusiness School takes into account aspects of individual functioning by using advances in science to better understand the strengths of each person. Our brain is at the center of our actions, so analyzing our strengths and areas to work on on a biological level allows us to go further. Understanding neurobiology and the consequences of neurotransmitter actions can positively change the way we work and be in the world. This training allows trainees to better understand themselves based on who they are physiologically. Thus, by being aligned with the internal processes of our body, each action becomes more fluid and optimized. The NeuroBusiness School offers comprehensive training that allows you to go faster and further to significantly increase your turnover. It also offers support and help in overcoming internal blockages.

By doing what you love, you will find within yourself all the resources necessary to develop your business. You will never lose the sacred fire and your business will flourish.

Finding meaning in your professional activity

Being a business leader means making your own decisions. It is important that these decisions are aligned with our physiology and our values. This is how we can establish real contact with people and build lasting relationships based on authentic values. The NeuroBusiness School puts people at the center of business. Your personality is what adds value to your business.

By being good in your business, you feel better in your personal life. By optimizing your life thanks to the teachings of the NeuroBusiness School, you manage your business better. Your business will grow and you will increase your quality of life thanks to these lessons. You will be able to enjoy your free time and find a balance between your personal and professional life.

Follow the new edition of the NeuroBusiness School now

The new edition of the NeuroBusiness School training includes new features to better support you.

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Ultra-comprehensive training balanced between independence and support

You will be able to learn at your own pace thanks to e-learning and participate in face-to-face workshops so that you are never left alone when faced with a difficulty. You will join a real team by joining the training of Yannick Alain and David Lefrançois. In addition to the freely accessible e-learning platform, you will benefit from numerous MasterClass webinars, workbooks and implementation workshops to put the lessons into practice. The NeuroBusiness School also offers virtual Masterminds in small groups, individual coaching sessions and a private support group on Facebook. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to attend exclusive events organized by the NeuroBusiness School.

New and free content during NeuroBusiness Week

To discover concretely what the training offers you, NeuroBusiness Week gives you free access to exclusive content. You will be able to watch online videos on different topics and participate in webinars. This exceptional week will allow you to familiarize yourself with the teachings of the NeuroBusiness School and to discuss with the trainers.

NBS 7.0 in summary

The NeuroBusiness School training, NBS 7.0, is comprehensive and offers several packages adapted to your needs. It includes a lifetime updated e-learning platform, implementation workshops, one-on-one coaching sessions, virtual Masterminds, MasterClasses, networking events, a private Facebook support group and bonuses . The Boot Camp option offers 3 months of preparation with a 5-day in-person boot camp, 3 months of support and a team of experts to support you. The NeuroBusiness School also offers free content during NeuroBusiness Week to allow you to discover the pillars of the method.


The NeuroBusiness School offers an innovative method based on neuroscience and ethics. By understanding how your brain works, what drives your motivation and the tools for effective management, you will be able to transform your business into a successful business without burning out. This training emphasizes the importance of remaining true to yourself and creating lasting relationships based on authentic values. It will allow you to increase your income while preserving your personal life and keeping all your energy. Register now for NeuroBusiness School training to change your life!

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