Audible Review

Audible is an extremely popular audiobook subscription option. In fact, through research and interviews, I learned that many people don’t even know that other services exist. For the most part, I thought he deserved his first place in the public eye. Its basic plan costs €9.95 per month, and you received a credit to exchange for an audiobook. Its large selection of books and well-designed app are two of the reasons why it’s the best subscription service for the price, as long as you don’t listen to more than one or two audiobooks per month.

Audible also has a plan that comes with two credits per month for just $11.48 per credit. It’s a good deal, but since you only get one or two credits per month, you might spend more time browsing the website to find the best deal.

I preferred longer, unabridged books to get as much content as possible for my single credit. I also shopped a lot longer on Audible before choosing an audiobook to download than on other sites because I didn’t want to feel like I was wasting my credit for the month on a title I might not enjoy. -be not.

One way to get around this pressure is to use Audible’s annual plan options, which allow you to access your 12 or 24 credits immediately, rather than waiting for a credit to decrease each month. This option is more expensive up front, but it can ease your purchasing anxiety if you’re a committed listener.

While other audiobook subscription sites only let you borrow books, the ones you download from Audible are yours to keep. Even if you cancel your subscription, you can still access your books on the app.

Amazon has owned Audible since 2008, but you don’t need a Prime membership to take advantage of the service. However, if you sign up for Prime, you get free and exclusive content. The site offers a free month trial, and since the cancellation process is relatively easy, I recommend giving it a try if you’re interested in an audiobook subscription.

One of the main reasons why Audible is the best audiobook subscription service is its huge store. My research has shown that listeners value being able to access the books they want to read more than anything else – even at a premium price. Audible contains more than 180,000 titles, which is almost double the library inventory of any other member service. The company is also recognized for the quality of its audio production and its exclusive content.

Audible has the latest releases from the biggest publishing houses. To test the quality of the service libraries, I compiled a list of the most popular books from 2016 and searched each store for them. Audible had 95 percent of the titles on the list, which was more than any other store I looked at.

I was surprised to learn that, on average, Audible is more expensive than some of the other services I’ve looked at. Although $14.95 is a good price for a single audiobook, you can’t just buy more credits for the same price. If you want to buy a second book, the site offers its members a 30 percent discount off the list price, but I found the store’s prices to be about $3 higher than many others that I tested.

Since you can’t purchase additional credits at the same price of $14.95, I recommend Audible if you listen to one or two books per month. Any more than that and you can definitely get a better deal elsewhere.

I loved Audible’s free downloadable app. It is well organized and easy to navigate. The print is also easy to read and its settings are customizable – you can adjust the sleep timer and variable playback speed to tailor the app to your listening style.

THE Audible website felt clunky while browsing titles, especially when I compared it to services that display book covers in a clean, Netflix-style way. Still, while the interface is a bit cluttered, the search function is more detailed than some of the other sites I’ve looked at, which was helpful in finding a book I wanted to read. Each book has a product page with information about its length and narrator as well as reader reviews and reviews. The site also provides recommendations for similar titles.

While the app and website do a good job of keeping all your content in sync between devices, Audible’s DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection has drawn criticism from some consumers. DRM allows Audible to limit the number of devices you use to play or share your audiobooks. There are other audiobook companies, like and, that are DRM-free. Despite these limitations, Audible allows you to share the books you download with your family. However, you need an Amazon account to register your household members on the site.

Audible is also innovating when it comes to listening to audio books. I enjoyed syncing it with Amazon’s Alexa device and listening to audiobooks with my family. There’s also a new feature that lets you switch between the electronic and audio version of a book.

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