Fed up with your boss? Discover the viral trend that sees employees ‘selling’ their managers on an e-commerce site!

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Ah, the tumultuous relations between employees and bosses… But what happens when subordinates decide to take matters into their own hands and “sell” their managers on an e-commerce site? A viral trend full of humor and derision that is shaking up the world of work. An unusual way to relieve the frustrations of daily professional life.

When stress at work becomes unbearable

Many employees feel intense stress because of their work and relationships with their colleagues Or superiors. With a view to decompressing, some young people in China have decided to take this problem on its head in a humorous way.

The new trend: selling your pattern online

On the second-hand commerce platform Xianyu, a subsidiary of Alibaba, Chinese employees are selling their jobs, colleagues And managers. This initiative, although facetious, speaks volumes about the need to find ways to express their frustration.

Ads to let off steam

Employees post ads online where they offer to “sell” their jobs Or annoying colleagues. For example, an employee from Beijing offered an ad where he sells a sarcastic colleague for 3,999 yuan (about 45,000 yuan), while offering tips for managing this personality type.

Are the sales real?

Obviously, these offers never materialize into real financial transactions. Sellers systematically withdraw after the sale. It remains a simple way to let off steam and cope with their stress.

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The reaction of Alibaba and the authorities

Faced with the rise of this trend, Xianyu reminded on Weibo that selling a person without their consent is against the law. This reminder clearly underlines the humorous and releasing nature of these announcements.

Comparative table

Axis Details
Motivation Reduce stress at work
AVERAGE Posting ads on Xianyu
Humor Facetious announcements
Transparency Sales canceled after publication
Platform Xianyu, a subsidiary of Alibaba
Ad prices 2 yuan to 80,000 yuan
Legislation Reminder of the illegality of sales without consent

Informative list

  • Axis: Details
  • Motivation: Reduce stress at work
  • Medium: Posting ads on Xianyu
  • Humor: Facetious ads
  • Transparency: Sales canceled after publication
  • Platform: Xianyu, a subsidiary of Alibaba
  • Listing price: 2 yuan to 80,000 yuan
  • Legislation: Reminder of the illegality of sales without consent


Q: Why do Chinese employees sell their managers online?

A: It’s a humorous and outlet way to express frustration with work stress.

Q: Are these sales real?

A: No, financial transactions are systematically canceled after publication of the announcements.

Q: What platform is used for these ads?

A: Listings are posted on Xianyu, a subsidiary of Alibaba.

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Q: What are the reactions of Alibaba and the authorities to this trend?

A: Xianyu reminded on Weibo that it is illegal to sell a person without their consent.

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