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Fertility lubricants: what are they and how do they work?

When you hear “fertility lubricant,” you might wonder what that refers to. These products are artificially designed but act naturally on fertility. However, it is legitimate to question whether they are really effective.

How can these lubricants help? And what is the most recommended brand? We will discover all this in this article.

Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant, 75ml tube: a unisex lubricant

The lubricant in a 75ml tube from the famous Conceive Plus range can be applied to both the male and female genital tract. Like all fertility lubricants offered by this brand, it contains magnesium and calcium, ions which greatly promote conception. This makes it one of the best fertility lubricants on the market.

Lubricant and fertilizer

Thanks to its texture, this lubricant allows perfect lubrication during the act of reproduction. Its composition perfectly imitates that of the vagina during the ovulation period, which facilitates the migration of sperm to the egg. It is important to emphasize that it only promotes fertility during the period of ovulation.

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Benefits of Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant, 75ml tube

This lubricant has several advantages:

  • It acts naturally by improving natural fertility;
  • It has a balanced pH and osmolarity, similar to those of the vagina during the fertile period;
  • It contains Mg2+ and Ca2+ ions;
  • It has no toxicity;
  • It mimics the fluids secreted during the fertile period;
  • It supports and helps the sperm in their migration towards the egg.

Inadequacies of Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant, 75ml tube

  • It does not have 100% effectiveness;
  • It is not effective in cases of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS);
  • It does not work in women with ovulation problems.

Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant, Applicators 8 x 4g: the feminine fertility lubricant par excellence

Like the previous one from the same brand, Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant, Applicators 8 x 4g is rich in Mg2+ and Ca2+ ions. It is used 15 minutes before sexual intercourse during the period of ovulation to effectively compensate for vaginal dryness and weak sperm. Its balanced pH is perfectly suited to the context of fertility, unlike conventional lubricants.

Richness and fluidity

In addition to promoting the resistance and motility of sperm, this lubricant has a fluidity which, combined with vaginal secretions during periods of fertility, constitutes a significant advantage.

It is applied directly to the vagina using a practical and easy-to-use applicator. Its use is therefore reserved for women.

The main advantages to note for this lubricant

  • It has a pH equivalent to that of cervical mucus;
  • It contains ions promoting fertility;
  • It does not kill sperm;
  • It acts like a real lubricant thanks to its texture;
  • It makes the vaginal environment conducive to sperm;
  • It strengthens sperm.

Some shortcomings of Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant, Applicators 8 x 4g

  • The method of applying lubricant can be unpleasant for some women;
  • The almost obligatory use of applicators does not allow other possibilities of use;
  • The effectiveness of the lubricant is not 100% guaranteed.

Pre-seed, the best quality/price ratio

Vaginal dryness is a common problem, but it can pose a real problem when it comes to conceiving a child. This problem can be effectively solved with Pre-seed lubricant. In addition to effectively resolving vaginal dryness, Pre-seed can be of great help in fertility matters.

The reference in fertility

Without any spermicide, Pre-seed promotes sperm viability and motility. Its composition is similar to that of the vagina during the fertile period and supports the spermatozoa in their migration towards the egg. In addition, it is very easy to use.

The Benefits of Using Pre-seed

  • It fights effectively against vaginal dryness;
  • It has a pH consistent with that of the vagina and sperm;
  • It is suitable for sperm viability;
  • It promotes sperm migration;
  • It does not constitute a barrier for sperm.

The shortcomings of Pre-seed

  • It is not useful in cases of fertility problems;
  • Applicators can only contain very small quantities;
  • The effectiveness of the product has not been fully proven.

Prefert, the lubricant that helps sperm motility

Prefert fertility lubricant is a product that improves a couple’s chances of conceiving. It is mainly composed of elements adapted to the vagina and sperm. Its use is reserved for women, and it is applied using 4ml pipettes to be introduced into the vagina.

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Moisturizes the vagina and helps sperm

Like all lubricants, it makes the texture of the vagina conducive to sexual intercourse. But it is not limited to that. Indeed, its constitution containing arabinogalactan helps to optimize the osmolarity of the vagina. This promotes sperm motility in the vagina and strengthens their viability.

Thus, even in the presence of poorly viable sperm in the partner, it is possible to conceive.

The benefits of using Prefert

  • It helps the migration of sperm to the egg;
  • It makes the vaginal environment conducive to sperm viability;
  • It has a perfect pH for natural fertilization;
  • It promotes sperm motility;
  • It removes the natural barriers of the vagina by improving the osmolarity of the vagina.

The disadvantages of using Prefert

  • It does not offer an alternative to the use of pipettes;
  • The method of application may seem too formal for a so-called purely natural method;
  • The effectiveness of the product greatly depends on the fertility of the users.

Fertile check, easy-to-use fertility gel

Based on hyaluronic acid, this gel aims to help couples in their desire to conceive. But before being a fertilizer, Fertile check is above all a very effective lubricant.

It ensures perfect lubrication of the vagina in which it is applied, which makes sexual intercourse more pleasant.

Natural design

The vagina during the fertile period has a certain constitution which greatly favors the migration of sperm towards the egg. However, this may be insufficient when the time of conception arrives for the partners. Fertile check lubricant is a great help in this regard.

Composed of water, hyaluronic acid and several other elements, it perfectly restores the constitution of the vagina and acts as a valuable contribution to the desire for natural conception.

What are the advantages of Fertile check?

  • It is easy to use ;
  • It is rich in hyaluronic acid;
  • It has an optimal pH for ovulation;
  • It is a powerful lubricant;
  • It doesn’t stick.

What are the disadvantages of Fertile check?

  • The pipettes are single use;
  • The usage protocol can be confusing;
  • The effectiveness of the product is not 100% proven.

Buying guide: what are the main criteria for choosing a fertility lubricant?

There are many fertility lubricants on the market, which can make choosing difficult. Here are some criteria to take into account to help you make the best possible choice.

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1. The method of use should not be neglected

Many lubricants are designed with intravaginal applicators. This mode of use can be practical, but also disturbing, especially when it is a natural method. It is therefore important to take into account the mode of use when making your choice.

2. Value for money

It is understandable to look for a lubricant at an affordable price. However, the quality of the product should not be overlooked. Some cheaper lubricants may be more effective than others. It is therefore important not to be seduced by the price alone and to find out more about the product in question.

3. Customer reviews are the best advice

Customer reviews are often the most objective when it comes to the effectiveness of a product. So don’t hesitate to consult customer reviews. In addition to relying on this article, it can be of great help in making your choice.

Final verdict

Using a fertility lubricant can be very helpful in the conception process, but it can also be tricky. There are many types of lubricants on the market. Among those mentioned in this article, the Conceive Plus range lubricants and the Pre-seed lubricant are the most recommended. Whether in terms of quality/price ratio, benefits or customer reviews, all indicators lean in favor of these particular lubricant brands.

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