Find a Reliable Psychic in the Wink of an Eye with These 7 Incredible Clairvoyance Sites!

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Trust in question

Our times are a source of anxiety with economic, health and political crises, as well as a crisis of confidence. In this context, many people express the need to clarify their lives and their future, whether on a personal or professional level. The psychics are there to help them in this process. It is becoming more and more common to consult psychics online. To help you see more clearly, here is a selection of the best online clairvoyance sites.

The 7 sites that really matter

The field of online clairvoyance has many players, but it is important to distinguish professionals from charlatans. When you search for an online esoteric clairvoyance site, you will find that the choice is vast. Some sites are industry leaders, while others are more modest. The choice will depend on your expectations and what you are looking for. Here is a list of the 7 best online clairvoyance sites, classified according to several criteria, to help you find the one that best suits your needs.

1. Spiritualité.com: the growing clairvoyance site!

Spiritualité.com is a major platform in the field of divinatory arts. It is a real clairvoyance marketplace that allows you to find a specialist corresponding to your needs and your questions. You can choose from different possibilities: a live consultation, a personalized coaching session or remote energy treatments. The site highlights themes before specialists, which allows the relationship with the platform to be depersonalized. You have access to a blog where you can read articles on astrology, numerology and spirituality. The platform also has a community of users and professionals who can meet and discuss various issues.

The advantages of Spiritualité.com

  • A varied choice of clairvoyants with different expertise
  • Access to individual LED profiles
  • A friendly, easy-to-use interface
  • Multiple prices for all budgets
  • A free blog and articles on the site

The disadvantages of Spiritualité.com

  • Carefully read the conditions of use
  • Lack of real professionals among the available clairvoyants
  • Difficulty contacting customer service

See the Prices and Services of Spiritualité.com

2. Wengo: clairvoyance and versatility!

Wengo allows you to consult specialists in clairvoyance, astrology and tarot. You have access to a panel of experts with different specialties. You can choose your psychic before creating an account. Consultations can be done by telephone, chat or email. Prices vary depending on the specialty and reputation of the clairvoyant. The site offers 10 free minutes during the first consultation.

The advantages of Wengo

  • Possibility of being directed to a dedicated indicator depending on your needs
  • Experienced clairvoyants
  • Different communication channels
  • A user-friendly interface
  • First 10 minutes free during the first consultation

The disadvantages of Wengo

  • A limited choice of clairvoyance specialties
  • Email consultation not available

3. Kang: clairvoyance comes out of the shadows!

Kang allows you to contact astrology and clairvoyance specialists for personalized consultations. The site is easy to use and offers you clairvoyants in the fields of astrology, clairvoyance and cartomancy. Consultations are done live by telephone, chat or email. Prices vary depending on the specialist chosen.

Kang’s advantages

  • Quality professionals
  • An attractive pricing policy
  • A user-friendly interface
  • User reviews published and accessible
  • A photo of each indicator to know who we are talking to

Kang’s Disadvantages

  • Pricing according to the specialty and notoriety of the clairvoyant
  • Email consultation not available
  • A limited choice of specialties

4. Astrowi: online divinatory arts

Astrowi offers tarot, astrology, horoscope, numerology and clairvoyance consultations. Some sections are free, while others require payment. Registration allows you to access a free initial clairvoyance using your email address. Paid consultations are done with a clairvoyant on the site. Prices are listed and you can purchase credits for sessions with psychics.

The advantages of Astrowi

  • A variety of online services, some free
  • An interesting selection of LEDs
  • An ideal site for beginners in clairvoyance
  • A clear and easy-to-use interface
  • Many free articles online

Cons of Astrowi

  • Lack of details on the profiles of psychics and their specialties
  • High prices for certain services
  • Free access is quite general

5. Viversum: clairvoyance 2.0

Viversum offers personalized online consultations in the field of spirituality and astrology. The site has numerous professionals in the divinatory arts to respond to your requests. Registration entitles you to 5 minutes of free consultation. Regular promotions are also offered. The site offers customer service available day and night to answer your questions.

The advantages of Viversum

  • Access to the main forms of clairvoyance
  • A stylish and clear interface
  • Regular promotions
  • Responsive customer service
  • A webzine with numerous articles on esoteric news

The disadvantages of Viversum

  • Email consultation not available
  • Prices sometimes too low for quality clairvoyance
  • Vigilance necessary during consultations to avoid high prices

6. MonSiteVoyance: good value for money

MonSiteVoyance offers quality consultations via different modes of communication such as chat, video or email. Registration gives access to a single price allowing you to choose your psychic and evaluate it. Customer service is responsive and the site is secure. Prices vary depending on the indicator chosen.

The advantages of MonSiteVoyance

  • A varied choice of clairvoyants in many specialties
  • Prices adapted to all budgets
  • The possibility of choosing a clairvoyance expert who meets your expectations
  • Payment in advance for better transparency
  • A well-designed and secure interface

The disadvantages of MonSiteVoyance

  • The most consulted lights are highlighted, so you have to go further down the list to find other lights
  • Lesser-known psychics struggle to find a place

7. Oranum: clairvoyance and webcam

Oranum is an international platform that offers clairvoyance consultations by video thanks to its mastery of webcam technology. The site functions as a clairvoyance marketplace where you can choose from numerous specialists. Consultations are done by video and live chat. Registration allows you to contact an expert for free, and it is also possible to purchase credits to book a session with a psychic.

The benefits of Oranum

  • An international site with advantageous visibility
  • A filter system to choose the right light
  • A varied choice of esoteric disciplines
  • Different payment methods available
  • An effective system for scheduling clairvoyance appointments

The disadvantages of Oranum

  • Video consultation reducing anonymity
  • Unresponsive customer service
  • Clairvoyance site but not specialized only in clairvoyance

The criteria for choosing well

Several criteria must be taken into account when choosing the right clairvoyance site. Here is a list of these criteria:

The quality of clairvoyance

Make sure the psychics on the site are professional and competent to obtain quality clairvoyance.

The rates

Check the prices offered by the site and make sure that they correspond to the service provided.

The model

Choose a site with a friendly, easy-to-use interface.

The reputation

Find out about the reputation of the site by reading reviews from users and clairvoyance specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the site meet my expectations?

Choose a site that offers services corresponding to your expectations and your needs in terms of clairvoyance.

What route of communication?

Choose a site that offers different communication channels such as telephone, chat, email or video.

What transparency?

Make sure the site clearly displays its prices, terms of use, privacy policy, and payment and refund terms.

Is the site rated?

Check if the site is rated by independent users and look at reviews to form your own opinion.

Which clairvoyance site to favor?

Among all the online clairvoyance sites, Spiritualité.com seems to us to be the best choice. This platform offers good guarantees of contact with expert and caring clairvoyants. The site is well designed and offers customer feedback as well as services from esoteric professionals.

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