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Panthéon Business Club: Become the new unicorn of tomorrow

If you are an entrepreneur and want to become the next unicorn of tomorrow, the Panthéon Business Club (PBC) is the solution for you.

Considered the most prestigious private business club, the Panthéon Business Club offers support and a network of high-level entrepreneurs to help you build a successful and sustainable business.

The founders of the Panthéon Business Club

The founders of the Panthéon Business Club, Alexandre Villani and Pierre-Jean Carrières, are well-known entrepreneurs in the business world. They have launched several successful businesses, particularly in the sports and fitness space.

After creating an outdoor sports club in Grenoble, they developed their concept in Lyon and Roanne. They then launched the Bodytime Xpress brand and a YouTube channel dedicated to fitness, which now has over a million subscribers.

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By diversifying their activities and investments, particularly in real estate and cryptocurrency, they had the idea of ​​creating the Panthéon Business Club in order to prevent other entrepreneurs from making the same mistakes as them and to benefit from a community of seasoned entrepreneurs.

What the Panthéon Business Club offers

The Panthéon Business Club is based on three pillars:

  • High added value training
  • A network of quality partners thanks to a unique address book
  • Networking sessions and conferences to find partners, investors or associates

Access to the Panthéon Business Club is only through an NFT (non-fungible token), which guarantees the quality and security of the club.

What to expect from the Panthéon Business Club?

By joining the Panthéon Business Club, you will have access to:

  • Private training and live sessions on a variety of topics
  • A business incubator
  • A private Discord group
  • Physical events and conferences with high added value

Training with renowned experts

The Panthéon Business Club offers a wide range of training covering all areas of entrepreneurship. The courses are taught by recognized professionals in each field.

Excellence in business training

The training courses cover specific topics such as starting a business, building a brand, launching a textile brand, succeeding as a sports coach, or even fundraising.

The training courses are accessible online and unlimited, which allows you to follow them at your own pace. The training catalog is constantly updated.

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Unique encounters

The Panthéon Business Club regularly organizes physical events allowing members to meet potential business partners, attend conferences and develop their network.

Regional events are also organized to encourage meetings between members and facilitate professional exchanges.

Varied themes in club lives

Lives are organized every week, covering various topics such as cryptocurrency, YouTube, e-commerce, real estate, trading, etc. Members can interact live with speakers to ask questions and find inspiration.

Secure access via an NFT card

Access to the Panthéon Business Club is via an NFT card, which guarantees the security and authenticity of access. It is possible to purchase this card by joining the club or by purchasing it on a specialized market.

The big bonus of your membership card: its resale

If you decide to leave the club, you can resell your member access. This allows you to recover your initial investment, or even realize added value.

It is also possible to purchase several accesses to speculate on the value of the access card, which will increase when the number of places is limited.

Verdict: the Panthéon Business Club

The Panthéon Business Club offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop their business and benefit from the support of a network of recognized entrepreneurs. High-quality training and meetings with renowned experts guarantee rapid progress and lasting success.

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The initial investment in the club quickly pays for itself thanks to the knowledge and skills acquired. Additionally, secure access via an NFT card offers a real long-term investment opportunity.

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