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Who is Alex Levand?

Alex Levand has been a sports coach who has been passionate about bodybuilding and nutrition for over 10 years. He also has extensive experience in martial arts. It offers personalized sports programs to develop muscles and lose weight in a healthy way. He has also been a YouTuber since 2015, where he shares his advice on nutrition, bodybuilding, and personal development.

Focus on Alex Levand’s journey

Since his childhood, Alex Levand has been passionate about martial arts and practiced Shotokan Karate for 10 years. He was inspired by his best friend and mentor Anthony, who helped him to excel. Alex Levand specialized in becoming a sports coach and obtained several certifications in nutrition and massage. It also offers jury services for fitness instructor training.

Everything you need to know about Alex Levand’s sports programs

Alex Levand offers several sports programs adapted to different needs. He offers a masterclass on intermittent fasting, which explains this technique and its benefits in detail. It also offers personalized coaching over 3 months, with a sports and nutritional program adapted to each individual. In addition, it provides two strength training programs for the pectorals and abdominals.

Its app to train everywhere

Alex Levand has developed a mobile application that allows you to train anywhere and anytime. This app offers bodybuilding exercises, pre-made workouts and diet recipes. It is suitable for all levels and all situations.

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Discover user reviews

On his site, Alex Levand presents the testimonies and transformations of the people he has supported. These testimonials prove the results obtained thanks to his personalized coaching.

Alex Levand, an expert to support you

Alex Levand offers complete coaching that works both physically and mentally. Its goal is to adopt a healthy lifestyle and help you achieve your goals in a sustainable way. It offers a complete study of your profile in order to offer you the program best suited to your needs and expectations.

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