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Bodytime sports programs: a complete solution to get in shape

If you are passionate about sport and want to improve your physical condition and build muscle, Bodytime sports programs are for you. They stand out for their comprehensive approach, including both a sports program and a dietary program.

These programs are designed to be motivating and guarantee visible results thanks to their intensity. In addition, they provide additional information to gain knowledge about sports and nutrition.

In this article, we present in detail the different Bodytime programs as well as our opinion on each of them.

Who is behind Bodytime?

Bodytime was created by Alex and PJ, two qualified sports coaches who have been producing sports content on YouTube since 2012. Their expertise is reinforced by their diploma in fitness professions, which guarantees the reliability of their programs.

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Today, their work is followed by more than a million people on YouTube and their programs have attracted tens of thousands of followers.

Since their launch in 2014, the Apollon and Déesse programs were followed by Alex and PJ until 2016. Since then, the Apollon 2.0 and Déesse 2.0 programs, created by the two coaches, have been offered. Although monitoring is carried out by members of their team, the quality of the programs remains unchanged.

Despite the arrival of many competitors, Bodytime programs remain popular thanks to their current design and content. We will therefore discover this sure value together.

Apollon 2.0 and Déesse 2.0 VS Wolf and BeautyTime: which program to choose?

Bodytime offers two types of programs: the Apollon and Déesse programs for gym sessions, and the Wolf and Beauty Time programs for home sessions without equipment.

Each program has a version suitable for women and another for men. In addition, they are customizable according to the morphology and objectives of each individual.

Each program includes sports sessions, a food plan, recipes and many bonuses. It is also possible to join a Facebook group to interact with coaches and other athletes following the same program.

The Apollon 2.0 or Déesse 2.0 program for three months in the gym

Apollo (for men) and Déesse (for women) are intense programs designed to achieve significant results in three months. They can also be used for weight loss.

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The programs are very complete and flexible

The Apollon and Déesse programs offer very rich content: a 13-week sports program including 5 to 6 sessions per week, a food plan and around fifty recipes. Each exercise is explained on video, and bonus videos on nutrition and motivation are also available.

These programs offer different versions to adapt to everyone’s needs, particularly in terms of nutrition. It is important to consume enough calories to sustain physical effort, and Bodytime coaches take this into account. They also offer educational videos on nutrition.

The results are incredibly visible

The before/after photos of participants in the Apollo and Goddess programs are impressive and authentic. The intense sessions and the precise eating plan allow you to obtain visible results. However, it is important to start the program with the right motivations, because these transformations should not be the only source of motivation.

A detailed diet plan

The food plan for the Apollon and Déesse programs covers the three months of the program and is very detailed. It includes personalized menus based on the body shape and objectives of each individual. Dietary supplements are recommended, but alternatives are also offered.

Recipe videos that are part of the meal plan are also available. Bodytime coaches have also prepared educational videos on nutrition and sport.

Beauty Time or Wolf to transform yourself in 28 days at home and without equipment

The Beauty Time and Wolf programs are designed to lose weight and build muscle in 28 days. Beauty Time is for women and Wolf for men.

The programs are intense and can be suitable for people returning to sport, although they are not suitable for complete beginners due to the requirement to exercise every day. However, adaptations are offered for beginners.

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Turnkey sessions

The sessions of the Beauty Time and Wolf programs are all prepared, just follow the coaches’ videos. Each workout is available in video and PDF version. The videos are well produced and motivating thanks to the presence of coaches and other athletes.

A food plan and 60 recipes

The Beauty Time and Wolf program recipes are adaptable based on initial weight and dietary preferences. The objective is to maintain a food intake adapted to each person’s energy expenditure. It is important to eat a balanced diet even after the program ends. The meal plan and recipes aim to teach key nutrition principles and encourage the preparation of healthy meals.

Impressive results for just one month’s program

Participants in the Beauty Time and Wolf programs notice significant weight loss and improved muscles after one month of diligent monitoring. The first sessions can be difficult for those who are not used to long fitness sessions, but the results will be worth it.

Bodytime promises an average loss of 6 to 8 kilos with these programs. Participants confirm these numbers, but it is important to note that weight loss may be less due to muscle gain. Muscle weighs more than fat, so despite significant fat loss, weight may not drop as much as expected.

In addition to weight loss, the programs improve strength and endurance, making daily activities easier.

How much do Bodytime programs cost?

The Apollon 2.0 and Déesse 2.0 programs last three months and cost €299.90. You should also plan for a gym membership, unless you already have the necessary equipment at home. Once the program has been purchased, you can repeat it as many times as you want by adapting the parameters according to your body type and your goals.

The Wolf and Beauty Time programs each cost €99.90 and do not require a gym or specific equipment. Promotions are often offered for these programs. As with in-room programs, you can repeat them as many times as you want thanks to unlimited access to PDF programs. However, the videos are gradually unlocked during the 28 days of the program and are no longer available after that.

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Things to know before starting a Bodytime program

It is important to understand that following a Bodytime program requires a significant commitment to sport and nutrition. Without this, the promised results will not be achieved.

It is essential to fully commit to your chosen program. PDF programs are available unlimitedly, so it would be a shame not to use them. Make sure you have time available and carve out slots in your schedule to do sports sessions. If this is possible for you, choose a program and get started. Also keep in mind that to maintain long-term results it is necessary to continue exercising and eating well even after the program ends. A special PDF is provided for this purpose at the end of the Beauty Time and Wolf programs.

If you live as a couple or family, it is important to involve the people with whom you share your life in your project. Let them know before you start the program, as this may affect the time you spend together. On the other hand, you will be able to prepare delicious dishes for them using the recipes in the program.

It is also important to note that online programs are not suitable for people with eating disorders. Your well-being and health should always come first, and it is essential to consult a healthcare professional if any concerns arise.

Verdict: we validate, provided you are ready!

Bodytime programs are high quality, but they are demanding and not suitable for everyone. If you are ready to fully commit to a program, dedicate time to your sport and your diet, Bodytime programs are a safe bet. They have been designed by professionals and are among the most comprehensive programs on the market.

If you like Alex and PJ’s professionalism but the programs mentioned in this article aren’t for you, you can visit their YouTube channel to access free, on-demand workouts. They also offer a monthly program called TWM.

Find all Bodytime programs as well as participants’ testimonials and transformation photos on the website.

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