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What is job coaching?

Job coaching is personalized support that allows professionals to better understand their aspirations, identify their skills and define an action plan to achieve their professional goals. It is aimed at people looking for work, those who wish to progress within their company or those who are considering a career change.

The advantages of job coaching

Job coaching offers several advantages:

  • Better self-knowledge: job coaching allows you to take a step back from your professional situation and identify your strengths, weaknesses, desires and motivations.
  • Tailor-made support: each person being unique, the employment coach offers solutions adapted to each profile and each problem.
  • Saving time and efficiency: the employment coach helps to structure your approach and determine concrete actions to achieve your objectives quickly.
  • Moral support and reinforced motivation: job coaching allows you to overcome obstacles and doubts, and to regain self-confidence.

How can job coaching help you develop professionally?

1. Clarify your professional objectives: The employment coach helps to identify their aspirations and define a clear professional project consistent with their skills and desires.

2. Develop your skills: Job coaching allows you to identify the skills to acquire or strengthen to be more efficient in your job, and offers solutions to achieve this (training, readings, practical exercises, etc.).

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3. Optimize your job search: For those who are looking for a new job, the job coach provides their expertise to optimize their CV, prepare for their job interviews and develop their professional network.

4. Support professional retraining: If you want to change your field of activity, job coaching is there to help you explore new avenues, validate the feasibility of your project and develop an action plan to successfully make this transition.

5. Improve your communication and leadership: Job coaching can also help you develop your interpersonal and managerial skills to work better in a team and gain influence within your company.

How to choose the right job coach?

To benefit from appropriate support, it is important to choose a job coach who meets your expectations and needs. Here are some criteria to take into account:

  • The coach’s experience and references: make sure that the coach has solid experience in the field of professional support and can present you with testimonials from satisfied clients.
  • The coach’s methodology: find out about the tools and techniques used by the coach to help you progress.
  • The feeling: it is important to feel confident with your coach, do not hesitate to meet several professionals before making your choice.

The cost of job coaching

The price of job coaching varies depending on the profile of the coach, the duration of the support and the services offered. It is recommended to find out about the prices charged and compare offers to find the best value for money.

To conclude, job coaching is a real asset for boosting your career and achieving your professional goals. Whether it is to find a new job, improve your skills or successfully retrain, this personalized support allows you to gain efficiency and self-confidence. All that remains is to choose the right job coach to support you in this process!

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